May 11, 2011

Something Newt and Something Old

Something Newt and Something Old

This is the man, some might remember, who launched the “Contract on America.” Who held the nation hostage over Monica Lewinsky while he was cheating on his own wife. Naughty boy. But now, with a new wife, and new religion, I guess he’s scrubbed clean.

In light of the ‘2012 announcement, what I really like about Nina Berman’s photo of Newt Gingrich (from “somewhere in Georgia” in ’96):

1.) A reminder of how much he got away with with that baby face.

2.) He’s so solitary — in stark contrast to the truly weird, morphed 2010 “Newt-Calista” edition.

3.) Perfectly captures his shadowy nature.

4.) In the anthropomorphic silhouette of the tree, I see the constant need for an antagonist … and the alter-ego of a dark soul.

PHOTO ©Nina Berman 1996, All Rights Reserved.

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