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September 23, 2011

Barach Obama? Yeah, in his Prayers

Obama New York First Jewish President

Solid defender of Israel — so much so that he ended up looking like a hypocrite at the U.N. this week having backed the Libya uprising, called for a Palestinian state last session, then ended up appealing on Wednesday for Abbas to back down from seeking statehood — Obama started the week having just watched the Orthodox ultra-right and more moderate Jews sink him in New York-9 largely because he’s refused to be pushed around by the radical Netanyahu.

Playing on the line by Judge, WH counsel and mentor, Abner Mikva, during the campaign that “people are going to see Obama as the first Jewish president,” what this cover characterizes, in the most cynical terms, is how Obama (God help him), in praying for everybody (not just on Israel-Palestine, but what seems like every other doctrinaire battle, as well) isn’t finding the holy spirit with anybody.

(Cover article: The Tsuris)

(NY Mag Design Director: Chris Dixon)

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