September 23, 2011

Hippie Kooks

Emmanuel Dunand/AFP

As  the “Occupy Wall Street’ action is largely ignored or ridiculed by big media, the article denigrating the action by the NYT features a photo of a guy in a suit looks askance at “the hippie kooks” as he skitters by.

If the AFP wire photo above captures a cogent protest poster doubling as a cut-to-the-chase economics-op-ed, sandwiching this guy between two suits and then framing him like the town crier in a church doorway, short of the full “kook treatment,” makes this snapshot artistic at best.

(photo: Emmanuel Dunand/AFP. caption: A participant in the Occupy Wall Street demonstrates as finance workers try to get to work around Wall Street, in New York, September 19, 2011. Hundreds of demonstrators took to the street to protest against the US capitalist system.)

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