September 18, 2011

Carville vs. Daley, Illustrated

Pete Souza

James Carville’s broadside against Team Obama, effectively painting a bullseye on Bill Daley, the Chief of Staff, brought to mind this recent White House photo, what I imagine James would consider Exhibit #1.

Some might argue this photo, taken by Pete Souza and posted on the White House Flickr Stream six months ago, simply earned its publication to the visual drama of  Cross Hall or the close working relationship between Obama and Daley. But then, it sets up such a blatant connection to Reagan, the two men bounded by red in a triangle with Ronnie (Obama and Daley “working under” him), it’s hard to see this as anything less than a conservative homage, telegraphing goodwill to what Obama and Daley have perceived as their political sweet spot, the center-right.

(photo: Pete Souza. caption: President Barack Obama talks with Chief of Staff Bill Daley in the Cross Hall of the White House, March 3, 2011.)

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