September 18, 2011

Where's the Beef?

Call BS

“Jerry Litzel, who also attended the speech here, seemed similarly of two minds about the candidate. “I just like the way he talks — like a tough Texan,” Mr. Litzel said, before adding that he was not sure he liked Mr. Perry’s political positions, partly because he could not figure out what they are.”
— from On a Swing Through Early-Voting Iowa, Perry Finds Kindred Spirits (NYT)

Nice job by NYT photo-editors on Saturday (print edition, especially) for two Section A shots calling B-S.

The first picture accompanies the front page story about Geithner getting pushback from European finance officials (Advice on Debt? Europe Suggests U.S. Can Keep It). Apparently, they are tired of being lectured by Americans when our system is weaker than theirs. It’s not what the caption reads, but it might as well say: “Sticking a fork in American exceptionalism, especially when a financially-floundering U.S.A. takes it for granted.

In the second photo, accompanying the piece linked above, the photo editors nail it again, the expression of “name tag guy” on the left looking at Mr. Perry as if seeing right through the “charisma pass” the Governor received to the GOP “top tier.”

Is it too much to hope this suggests a trend?

(photo: Adam Nurkiewicz/AFP/Getty caption:U.S. Treasury Secretary Timothy Geithner (l.) speaks at a meeting in Poland of European finance ministers and central Charlie Neibergall/Associated Press caption: Gov. Rick Perry of Texas on Thursday took his budding presidential campaign to Jefferson, Iowa.)

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