October 25, 2011

Romney: "The Money Shot"

Romney Bain Capital money shot

So, this outtake of Romney and crew — released by Bain Capital from a 1984 photo shoot — has been all over the internets recently. You’ve probably already seen it.

Sure, it’s a straight-ahead glorification of greenbacks, corporate raiding and the ostentatious accumulation of wealth. What I like about it, though, is how the suit next to Romney is actually handing him the buck. Introducing into photo the sense of transaction, the pic opens itself up to broader allusions, such as pay-to-play and, in general, crony capitalism.

It’s also hilarious that these venture boys have the dollars in their mouths. It’s a prompt like this that a guy like Karl Rove made a career out of. If Karl was on the 99% team, I’m sure — mindful of the slogan, “Eat the Rich,” which we’re seeing on more than a few protest posters now — he’d not only insist on a blanket circulation of the photo, but also a DNC caption like: “Eat the Riches,” inviting the other, more angry slogan into the presidential voter’s subconscious.”

And, there’s also this.

(photo: Bain Capital)

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