October 24, 2011

Hillary and Libya: "V" is Very, Very Extraordinary

Kevin Lamarque/AP

If Barack Obama has been playing down the victory in Libya, that hasn’t stopped Hillary Clinton from serving as his alter ego. In this tarmac shot in Tripoli, taken just two days before Gaddafi was spotted by French fighter jets and then killed by NTC fighters on the ground, we see Hillary and her new government friends celebrating regime change.

It wouldn’t have surprised me one bit, however, if this same photo had been taken two days after Gaddafi was terminated. After all, wasn’t Hillary the hawk when it came to the NATO engagement — the elimination of Gaddafi always the unstated goal of the mission? Then finally, if this is one of those photos that could come back and bite you either from the standpoint of bloodthirst, or if Libya does go south, well, an approaching retirement means there’s not a whole lot of downside anywhere.

(photo: Kevin Lamarque/AP caption: U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton gestured with revolutionary forces before she departed Tripoli, Libya, Tuesday, October 18th.)

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