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Sports Focus Photo July 31, 2012

U.S. / NBC to Michael Phelps: Win, or Else!

Michael Phelps's London start emphasizes blatant U.S. and media attitude that anything short of gold makes you a failure, a loser, a disgrace.

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Karrin Anderson Photo July 30, 2012

Yahoo CEO Ushers in Rise of the SuperNewMom

We’ve all heard of a pregnant pause, but for some women, childbearing no longer means pausing one’s professional life. Enter, the “supernewmom.”

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Campaign '12 Photo July 29, 2012

Newsweek's Wimp Romney Cover

Wimp: a weak, cowardly, or ineffectual person — Websters Wimp: a weak, ineffectual, timid person. — If you’re going to take as large and as low a shot as Newsweek does, you’d better be sure that your personality description counts for as much or more as your audacity....

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Culture Focus Photo July 28, 2012

Sally Ride "Versus" Billie Jean King

Upon her death and the one line “coming out” in her obituary, Andrew Sullivan takes issue with Sally Ride for not revealing her sexual orientation years ago, while she was alive. Beyond the necessary footnote that she didn’t hide her sexual preference or her 27 year relationship with Tam...

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2012 Olympic Opening Ceremonies: Populism Abounds

Just how populist or, dare I say, socialist England or, certainly, the Nike Visa games truly are is highly debatable. But last night was a people's show.

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Militarism Focus Photo July 27, 2012

TIME Cover: .223-Caliber Aurora, Gun Control Parting Shot

With eyeballs turning to the Olympics for the next two weeks effectively knocking the Dark Knight massacre out of the news cycle, this cover and photo-illustration serves as a last word on Aurora.

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Campaign '12 Photo July 26, 2012

The Picture of Romney in London? Ouch.

Even if a situation is awkward or uncomfortable, an effective politician knows how to fake it. That's just Politics 101. Instead, Romney's day -- by his own incompetence -- went from bad to much worse.

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Sports Focus Photo

Not Going for the Gold: Romney and the Dem's Super PAC Olympic Attack Ad

Democrats going hard on Romney but soft on the Olympics. Not a surprise.

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International Focus Photo July 25, 2012

The "Latest" Assad Family Photographs

I had a couple thoughts on the meager group of Assad family photos that just happened to show up in the media this week.

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BagNewsSalon: "The War on Women"

WATCH the replay of the BagNewsSalon - The War on Women.

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Media Focus Photo

Gabby Giffords Scales Swiss Alps: News Photo Blogs, Slide Shows and Best Practices

Tell me whether it isn't time that the news photo blog, the news photo gallery and the news photo slideshow receive more critical attention with a thoughtful eye to the viewer experience, editorial rigor and a set of best practices?

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Karrin Anderson Photo July 24, 2012

TIME Olympic Covers Feature Women Athletes as . . . Athletes

Distinctive for depicting America's female Olympic athletes as strong, powerful and individual, TIME's Olympic covers are notable just for portraying the women as athletes.

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President Obama Photo July 23, 2012

Obama in Aurora

Not to jade the comforting role of the President in a tragedy like this, but Obama's gestures today dealt exclusively with the heart and the personal story at the expense of any teachable moment.

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Already Bats? Some Thoughts on the James Holmes Science Camp Video

Because the public in general isn't sure what to make of this kind of data released and pumped by the media, I wanted to note some of the significant and not-necessarily-significant elements I saw in the video.

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BAGannouncements Photo July 22, 2012

The State of the News Photo: Part 2 of 3

This "long read" is an online version of a talk presented June 23, 2012 at the Photoville photo festival in Brooklyn, NY about the growing prominence and editorial capabilities of the news photo.

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Sports Focus Photo

Some Thoughts on the Penn State Joe Paterno Statue Removal Photo

Of course, the finger in the air while "he's being hauled off" reads like an act of pride -- and defiance. ...Still number one!

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Culture Focus Photo July 21, 2012

James Holmes: Let the Mythologizing Begin

In the mundanity of Holmes' "uniform" in the theater parking lot, however, scattered on the pavement in the stark light of day, these sad, meager and scattered scraps of visual evidence speak just as much to the miles-wide gap between Hollywood and the theater inside Holmes' mind

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Culture Focus Photo July 20, 2012

Dark Knight Massacre

This poignant scene from the aftermath of the shooting in Colorado is about tragedy and grief ... but, also, about our culture.

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