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Karrin Anderson Photo August 9, 2012

Woman Seduces Asparagus: Newsweek, Food Porn and the Foodie Patriarchy

The Newsweek cover positions women as neither purveyors nor consumers of culinary high culture. Instead, like the accompanying asparagus, they are objects of desire.

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Terror Focus Photo August 8, 2012

The Gabby Giffords Shooter Then and Now: Argument for Community Mental Health in One Glance

it's easy to ignore the demands and requirements of community mental health, then just chalk it up to evil when one of these slowly decompensating guys finally goes off.

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Business Focus Photo August 7, 2012

The Most Unplugged Gabby Douglas Photo: Breakfast of Champions BEFORE Kelloggs Came Calling

I can only wonder what the quick coalescing Team Douglas now thinks of the quirky portrait, sporting that "complicated" expression, relative to "building out the brand."

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Terror Focus Photo

Wade Michael Page in the Crosshairs?

Not that the symbolism counts for much, so deep is the horror and contempt for Wade Michael Page. Still, the inclusion of this photo on his My Space page could be seen to weigh on his own viability.

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Culture Focus Photo August 6, 2012

Shooting Aftermath: Visualizing the Sikhs in Oak Creek

My question is, how much does exoticism come into play picturing the Sikh community after the tragic shooting at the Temple in Oak Creek?

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Campaign '12 Photo August 5, 2012

Tea Party Aesthetics and the 2012 Color Wheel

Looking at the color of politics (and the politics of color) Tea Party insurgents this season have been swimming in bright red.

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Campaign '12 Photo August 3, 2012

Video War: Romney Still Suffering Trump, Tarmac FAIL

It's easy to say that such slip ups are inevitable, and someone might respond to seeing this one that way. The point is, though, that this visual doesn't represent "one instance" so much as it stands for a pattern.

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Media Focus Photo

Gabby and Race, Sex and Seacrest, Cold War Too! — Visual Politics of the Olympics, Week 1

One week into the 2012 London Olympics, BagNews takes a look at the political optics with sports rhetoric professor Michael Butterworth.

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International Focus Photo August 2, 2012

"Disappeared" Olympic 7/7 Tribute: NBC Perpetuates Myth Terror Only Happens to Americans

NBC perpetuated the myth that terror only happened to Americans. That we can't identify or relate to the loss experienced by other peoples, other nations. That we don't look or feel like everyone else.

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Photo August 1, 2012

The Kim Show

In light of his Disney fascination …and the surprise marriage announcement, is Kim Jong Un turning N. Korea into a stage show?  If his father earned 1st world attention just for looking at things before the camera, is Junior more interesting in enacting his own Disney-fied fantasies in real life?...

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