August 9, 2012

Your Turn: That "Terrorist Mural" in Boston


With hate crime and the topic of Islam and fear-mongering rising up in the news cycle again, I’m not sure if you’ve seen this. I’m interested in how you read the mural as a whole, and in its elements. The caption reads:

People walk past a wall mural painted by Brazilian graffiti artists Os Gemeos in Boston August 8, 2012. The work has created a stir after viewers posted comments on a local TV channel’s Facebook page, claiming it looked “like a terrorist” and urging for it to be removed, according to news reports.

I’m sure seeing it from different angles — especially from ground level — makes a difference.

You’d of thought it would have brought some of these images to mind. I’m not sure, though, if people in Boston who are afraid are see any gender in the image, or if that matters.

(photo: Reuters)

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