July 9, 2013

Scenes from a Tweet Campaign: Liz Cheney Hearts WYO

Liz Cheney Snake River

Richard and Dick Cheney

After reading the NYT story about Liz Cheney, the possibility of her challenging incumbent Wyoming GOP Senator (and friend of Dick), Mike Enzi, and the way she’s going about ingratiating herself with citizens of the state, I’ve been paging through her Twitter photos. I hate to say this but the Western vocabulary, combined with pushing the kids in front of the camera like that and then laying on the patriotic theme that thick only serves to remind me of another PR-savvy GOP pol,  the one who sees Russia from her porch.

I just thought I’d mention a couple of shots, including the one of son Richard with grandpa Dick (did you just hear an echo?), the two color-coordinated like that in red, white and blue, on a Western-style ranch post, an American flag moose on Richard’s t-shirt (a Palin joke, even?) with Pops in the Western hat. After that, who could accuse Ms. Cheney of being a carpetbagger?

The lead pic is drenched in associations, too, starting with the caption informing us Liz is with Pops — the conservative icon — again, this time fishing together on the Snake River. (Do with that as you will.) Now, I don’t know if the South Fork of the Snake River puts them in Idaho or Wyoming or even Montana but it’s the hat that properly situates us to the political geography. And then, it’s a wonderful offering she’s making for us to share in this Western bounty — even if the allusion extends (Dick turning down all those hunting invites from Enzi lately) to something fishy.

… And maybe that’s even the former Veep’s hand, practiced as he is at catching whoppers.

(photos: @Liz_Cheney/Twitter. caption 1: Great day yesterday fishing the South Fork of the Snake River w/my dad! Caught this beautiful Brown Trout. July 31. caption 2: 6 Jun. Richard and his grandpa at kindergarten graduation!)

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