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Business Focus Photo August 30, 2013

Fast Food Strike: Can We Please Speak to the Clown in Charge?

One thing evident from the gallery is how nameless and faceless these corporations really are.

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International Focus Photo August 29, 2013

How Much Before it's Enough? Another Pressing Photo from Damascus.

With so many citizens having died so suddenly and anonymously, these prints stand as much for those trapped in the shells of their homes, their own cars, their own bodies.

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Ready to Punish Assad, Cameron as Action Figure

If we're in another one of those countdowns where the time for temperance is somehow running out, this photo perfectly sets up the lizard brain.

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International Focus Photo August 28, 2013

Scenes From Chemical Weapon Inspections in Syria … and a Ten Year Itch

What makes these images of UN weapons inspectors on the ground in Mouadamiya, Syria so powerful is how much they also evoke the Bush Administration's 2003 rush to war. Actually seeing UN weapons inspectors allowed to do their jobs following the horrifying mass event last week in Syria is...

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International Focus Photo August 27, 2013

Ruddy Roye from Jamaica: The Hardest Time We Have Ever Had To Go Through

Each year whenever I visit my home of Montego Bay, it is difficult to avoid the stark faces of suffering people living in what I can only describe as a stagnant existence. I am both conscious and aware of the slow struggles of some the Jamaican people, especially poor...

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Protest Focus Photo August 26, 2013

In the Reflecting Pool: The March on Washington and the Diminishing Space for Public Protest

Looking at the photos from this weekend's 2013 anniversary, the visual and physical shift in the civic and expressive relationship to democratic space is shocking to me.

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Media Focus Photo August 25, 2013

The Civil Rights Movement and the Stamp of '63

A major narrative surrounding the story involves the challenge, for the civil rights movement and the media, to make this week more than just a commemoration and an exercise in nostalgia. Considering this widely-circulated image of an event at the Newseum on Friday, that might be a tall order.

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Race Focus Photo August 24, 2013

Looking for the White Trayvon Martin

If the reverse-race version has proven its illustrative value beyond Zimmerman's trial, what, exactly, does the illustration have to offer the right?

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Media Focus Photo August 23, 2013

White House & Puppies + Twitter & Instagram = Media Fetching & Rolling Over

A new dog offers a snapshot of the ability of the White House to generate social media buzz.

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Alan Chin Photo August 22, 2013

Bradley Manning's Lawyer on the Unfairness, and Dignity, We Weren't Allowed to See

What his lawyer wanted us to know is that Manning, against the stereotype of him as diminutive and weak, behaved with dignity and grace under enormous pressure. If allowed, photographs and videos would have reflected that on the air and front pages everywhere.

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Chemical Weapons, the Insanity of Eastern Ghouta and Eyes on the Assads

If the victimization of Syrian citizens are, in fact, the heinous act of the government, what we're looking at is profound and despicable blasphemy.

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International Focus Photo August 20, 2013

How About "Nyet": Explaining the Russian Gold Medal Sprinter's "Gay Protest" Podium Kiss

I thought Obama supposedly ogling a G-8 intern, or a couple supposedly making out in the middle of a riot presented classic case studies of news photos taken wildly out context. Those are merely silver medals, however, compared to the golden misread made by countless prominent national and international...

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Militarization Meets Back-to-School Day

I liked the photos above for their quirky art photography vibe, these knobs -- like extras in a Wes Anderson movie -- as little more than laughably-impressionable automatons.

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International Focus Photo August 19, 2013

Where Things are Pointed in Egypt (and Have Been Since the Coup)

To the extent photographs can foreshadow, these series of hands -- displayed as symbol of the martyr, as evidential stain, and as steadfast defiance -- constitute a deadly arc.

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Photography/Photojournalism Photo August 17, 2013

Former Newsweek Editor and that "Blurry" Obama

Did the intent of the image, when it was originally made, have more to do with Obama's political style? Or was it motivated more by the fact the man was such an unknown?

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Next Time You Hit a Wall, Hit it Back

What's so notable about the image, obviously, is how much the poster both foreshadows and mirrors the mayhem in the streets.

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The Machine and the Martyrs: The Quintessential Photo from the Maniacal Crackdown in Cairo Last Week

Though the week was filled with horrific and telling imagery, no photo struck me more than this.

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David Degner Photo August 16, 2013

David Degner in Cairo: Putting Names and Faces to Morsi Supporters for a Change

Photographer David Degner has been living and working in Cairo for several years and covering the Arab Spring and its turbulent trajectory there and also in Libya and Syria. After the Egyptian army and police stormed the Muslim Brotherhood’s encampments protesting the ouster of President Mohamed Morsi, David made...

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