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John Lucaites Photo August 13, 2013

There is Shooting and There is Shooting

Among photography's many virtues, it slows the world down, indeed, it stops the world in ways that normal sight is often hard pressed to do—at 1/800th of a second, for example—inviting us not just to look at the world around us, but to see it, sometimes with fresh eyes.

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Culture Focus Photo August 12, 2013

Hitler Non Grata

Is there any instance where a Hitler or a bin Laden would evoke more insight than stigmatization in such a format?

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Sports Focus Photo

One Sochi, Anti-Gay Russia Line of Attack: Putin's Repressed

In the next weeks and months leading up to Sochi, there is going to be a flood of images, and I imagine, visual provocations pushing back on Russia's primitive stance on homosexuality.

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Culture Focus Photo August 8, 2013

The Razing in Cleveland of Ariel Castro's House

Can you imagine the pain and embarrassment of that monumental shame on Seymour Avenue becoming ceremonial for a day?

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Media Focus Photo August 7, 2013

SF Weekly's Ball Busting Oakland PD Cover

Of course, it's a sexual innuendo, but it's perfect the way it's that twisted.

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Eco Watch Photo

Fukushima Ongoing: More Tragicomic Images As Contaminated Water Crisis Looms

I'm not sure what's more terrifying. Is it TEPCO's latest crisis, or the relative lack of international attention, urgency ... and explanatory imagery?

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Media & Culture Photo August 6, 2013

Stacy Kranitz: The Spectacle of Violence (GRAPHIC)

I awoke late that afternoon to find everyone begging to see pictures of Scott’s bloody hand. I could not fault them for their obsession. This is what my photographs are about, fetishizing violence.

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Media Focus Photo August 5, 2013

That "Grahams to Sell The Post" Front Page

It might be Bezos' deal, not Amazon's, but this still has Web 2.0 written all over it.

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Terror Focus Photo

Major Embassy Terror Threat — and the Chance for the Pictures to Really Show Us Something (Sigh)

The decision to close that many embassies wasn't trivial. What I was curious about is whether the visual media might actually extend itself beyond stereotyping, fear mongering or sensationalizing to really elaborate the threat.

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Protest Focus Photo August 4, 2013

Defacing the Lincoln Memorial, How Quaint

In contrast to the near-daily stream of ingenious protest messaging, the primary audience for this green scrawl was primarily the National Park Service or DC police. ...

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Photo August 3, 2013

Watertown Redux? Cops, not Feds, Raid House in New York Somewhere

Being that the Atlantic Wire is the bomb, and last Thursday a story about the feds raiding a house in Suffolk County, New York over a Google search went completely viral, we were wondering what you thought of this photo and layout.

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Afghanistan Photo August 1, 2013

Rita Leistner: Looking for Marshall McLuhan in Afghanistan #2 – That Indecipherable Taliban Message

The importance of man’s oldest technology—language—is all but ignored in modern military training. And yet, military conquest and empire building has always been connected to language.

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Faith Focus Photo

Everywhere and Nowhere: Egypt President's Ubiquitous "Disappearance"

Perhaps the strangest plot twist of the Egyptian overthrow is the public erasure of President Morsi -- the physical version, that is. Otherwise, Morsi's presence has been ubiquitous.

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