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Gender & Identity Photo June 30, 2015

TIME and Photo Booth: Two Takes on Cosmetic Surgery and the “Opening Up” of Photography

It’s hard to understand the point of capturing artificiality when cosmetic surgery is being presented as a ubiquitous commodity.

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Culture Focus Photo June 29, 2015

Amazing Grace: Key Scenes From Obama to Newsome, ACA to Pride

And with the funerals and the dignity emanating from Charleston in the aftermath of the racist church massacre in Charleston, what with Obama's sermon, Bree Newsome and the two momentous Supreme Court decisions, by the weekend, it was like "ACA Meets Pride Meets Black Lives Matter."

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Culture Focus Photo June 27, 2015

On That Selfie Stick Gay Marriage Photo by Marcus Yam

One thing it says is that our cultural rituals and practices keep evolving and refashioning themselves.

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Race Focus Photo June 26, 2015

That Less Circulated Statehouse Photo Honoring Clementa Pinckney

As we witness Pinckney’s colleagues grieving for him in session, we feel for him, too, as a member.

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Bush Focus Photo June 25, 2015

Two Rambos, and that New Treasure Trove of Bush – Cheney White House Photos

What's great about these images the National Archives were compelled to turn over is just how politically incorrect they are.

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Christa Olson Photo June 23, 2015

I Wanted to Like that NYT Photo Essay About Growing up with Gay Parents

As a parent viewing the photo essay, I felt a rush of defensiveness and worry. As a visual scholar, I wanted to understand why.

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Campaign '16 Photo June 22, 2015

On Pointing a Handgun Directly at Ted Cruz's Head

These photographs make a point by turning the gun lobby's central argument back onto itself. If "more guns" is your only response to rampant gun violence, then at some point a law of averages dictates that innocent people are going to end up in the line of fire.

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Gun Violence Photo June 21, 2015

Dylann Roof and His Point-and-Shoot

It's as if Roof is reminding us he wouldn't have attained anywhere near the fame and notoriety without the power and ubiquity of photography today.

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Media Focus Photo June 19, 2015

Front Pages That DIDN'T Turn the Charleston Shooter into a Poster Boy

We could stand for more recognition of those papers that largely ignored the perpetrator in favor of elevating the victims and affirming existing bonds.

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Philip Perdue Photo June 18, 2015

Charleston: For My Soul Is Full of Troubles

Time and time again, the psalmist asks God a simple but difficult question: Why?

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Suddenly, Assad Not Such a Bad Guy?: On TIME’s Exclusive Photos of ISIS – Syrian Battle

The question here is how to evaluate the informational value of the story against its propaganda value.

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Politics Photo June 17, 2015

Why You’ve Gotta Love Heisler’s Photo of Trump’s Announcement

If the GOP has set a particularly low bar this presidential cycle, my early sense of the photojournalism is the opposite.

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Campaign '16 Photo June 16, 2015

Yes He's All In, But Is Jeb Somewhere Else?

Watching Bush's campaign announcement was interesting ... and strangely odd.

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Photography/Photojournalism Photo June 14, 2015

A Photo's Reach: Barbara Davidson Revisits the Navajo, Eddie Adams and Capa, Too

With the understanding that photojournalism is timeless, Barbara Davidson's photo both offers an update and invites great comparison.

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Campaign '16 Photo June 12, 2015

It Went Viral, But Why?: Hillary's 1st Instagram

If you said, because it's patriotic, that's too easy.

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Campaign '16 Photo June 10, 2015

Scott Walker and the GOP's Biker Pose

The Mad Max aesthetic lets the GOP project tribal and libertarian instincts at the same time.

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Race Focus Photo June 9, 2015

The Screen Shot to Consider BEFORE the Cop in McKinney Pulled his Gun on Black Teenagers

Perhaps it starts with questions like: who and where are the adults?

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Photo June 8, 2015

What's Familiar and Different about the First Scenes of S. Korea's MERS Outbreak

Given the impact on Seoul, it's a threat that is all-too-easy to visualize in the west.

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