January 11, 2016

A “Moving” Remembrance of David Bowie

I’d rather be high? The width of a circle? Dancing out in space?

Yesterday, the death of David Bowie brought us a dizzying cacophony of images, words and, of course, sound. The man was so progressive and so recognizant, his passing Sunday night ushered the most intense and poignant recognition.

Strangely though, the scene that struck me as much as any yesterday was the footage above, the unusual vantage making me feel like I was circling around this tower as much in a time piece as in thin air. From the ground to the building-top to the sky to the helicopter to the satellite to an earth station through the vast electronic circulatory system back to my town, my block, my desktop, my eye and my brain, this scene made it seem like the worldwide sadness and unleashing of memories was taking place in one extraordinary arc, one turn. And how ironic and powerful, too, that this tribute to the profound musician would, for several moments, render everything completely silent. And when the gears started turning in my head again, I thought: how marvelous that Bowie’s mortality, his vision and his spirit was here expressed by a revolution.

(video: TrendNow 24).


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