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9/11 Photo March 31, 2016

Wire Services, Instagram and Migrant Despair: Woohoo!

Publishing more colorful, interesting and entertaining photos to Instagram, are media organizations doing justice to hard news?

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Culture Focus Photo March 30, 2016

On the Selfie with the EgyptAir Hijacker: We are Hostages to the Sphere

If the hive made this picture mostly about the passenger, the real headliner is the hijacker ... and the vanity of social media.

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International Focus Photo March 28, 2016

Brussels, Tintin and White House Wild Things: Juxtaposition of the Day

Two popular children's books, right? But here's where the twist comes....

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International Focus Photo March 27, 2016


These photos, in the aftermath of the attacks in Brussels and Lahore, share a profane symmetry.

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Photo March 26, 2016

Holy and Unholy Fragments: Our Weekly Twitter/Instragram Round Up

Holy Week, Brussels, Brussels and the refugees, Obama's Cuba moves, less Supreme Court and Trump as reptile. Our selective Twitter/Instagram round up this week.

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Campaign '16 Photo March 24, 2016

Two Getty Photographers Use Instagram to Respond to the Insanity

The photos by Platt and Olson step us back, way back, from the hostility of the day and replaces it with eloquence.

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War & Militarism Photo March 23, 2016

The Brussels Attack: Between Two Cell Phone Photos of the Same Scene

What stood out from the terror attack in Brussels is how two slightly different cell phone photos became defining images of the event.

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International Focus Photo March 22, 2016

Media, Pix and the Cuba Visit: Beyond Obama and Ché

Obama's alignment with a Ché Guevara mural is a cheap thing to focus on when the real challenge of the Cuba trip is the human condition.

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Culture Focus Photo March 21, 2016

Let the Supreme Court Battle Begin. (With Apologies to Ringling Bros.)

It’s an odd photo choice. Unless the intent was to suggest the outlandish nature of the right wing's SCOTUS battle.

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Campaign '16 Photo March 19, 2016

Lufthansa Fashion: Our Latest Twitter/Instagram Roundup

For the first time in weeks, our Twitter/Instagam round up has fewer Campaign ’16 pics. Could fatigue be setting in? Or maybe the front has just shifted.

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Eco Watch Photo March 18, 2016

The Most Innocent Picture in the World

The telltale element of the day was that simple bottle of H2O.

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Race & Ethnicity Photo March 16, 2016

Brian Palmer: All Our Sorrows Heal

This is the first installment in a Reading the Pictures Originals series on the South, an abandoned African-American cemetery and “the Other Richmond.”

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The Sure Fire Way to Visually Sell Merrick Garland: “First Responder”

Prosecuting Garland v. Republican Senate in the court of public opinion, the White House needs to stick the visual framing.

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Campaign '16 Photo March 15, 2016

Does Trump Have a Death Wish? Casting Terror on Us, and Himself.

Flirting with martyrdom does not excuse the potentially grave damage to the national psyche. Not even close.

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Campaign '16 Photo March 14, 2016

A Trump Backlash Photo Stands Out

What elevates this photo of a Sanders supporter tearing a Trump sign above the rest?

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Twitter/Instagram Roundup Photo March 11, 2016

What Would Gandhi Do? — Our Twitter/Instagram Round Up of the Week

More Trump, contest photos from Syria and Chicago, Somalia/Downton Abbey: Our Twitter/Instagram round-up this week.

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Campaign '16 Photo March 10, 2016

Suddenly Not Invisible: Miami Debate Picture of the Night

Her name is Lucia Quiej and her moment of fame was, indeed, stunning.

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Campaign '16 Photo March 9, 2016

Quick Takes on Trump’s Post-Primary Press Meat

It's American politics reduced to the level of the Ginsu knife. Etc.

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