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Gender & Identity Photo September 29, 2016

Between the Hajj and Hijab: New Picture of Islam for U.S. Audiences

Despite my generally positive reaction to these photo projects, depicting Islamic woman as 'just like us, but in hijab’ is still a limiting picture.

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Campaign '16 Photo September 27, 2016

Clinton/Trump I: Debate Pix We Latched On To

With Clinton-Trump I in the debate record book, here's a group of pictures that caught our eye.

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Campaign '16 Photo September 26, 2016

Girl Power, Sexism and that Viral Hillary Millennial Selfie Swarm

Where is the passion for Hillary, you ask? It’s there in the photo, plain as day.

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Race & Ethnicity Photo September 22, 2016

On That Riot Cop/Bus Photo After Police Kill Black Man in Charlotte

Beyond its literal meaning, the text on the bus is also a blunt commentary about where we stand in this endless cycle of violence.

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Campaign '16 Photo September 19, 2016

The Hillary Optics, Seven Weeks to Go

If Democrats have been hoping Election '16 comes down to a referendum on Trump, these photos challenge that notion.

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Race Focus Photo September 15, 2016

What’s Already Incredible about the African-American History Museum

From John Carlos and TommySmith to Colin Kaepernick, the dynamic of this museum is already poignant to observe.

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Campaign '16 Photo

Photoville ’16 Salon: The Presidential Campaign Through New Eyes

In this live Reading the Pictures Salon from Photoville, we'll be discussing unconventional Election 2016 images with and by four key photographers.

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Campaign '16 Photo September 14, 2016

What’s Not Deplorable About “Deplorable Lives Matter”

OK, Trump supporters are sporting this phrase out of spite. But, what about the truth underlying all defensive gestures?

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Campaign '16 Photo September 12, 2016

Clinton “Healthers” Infect the Visual Newswire, Cough! Cough!

These pictures provide a clear example how the politics of destruction, and malignant rumors about Hillary Clinton's health, infected the visual news.

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9/11 Photo September 11, 2016

Memory, Poetry and Politics: Thoughtful Views from Instagram on the 15th Anniversary of 9/11

Far from the ash and the fireballs, we've collected a group of Instagram photos that evoke 9/11 in a more poetic, historical and/or political way.

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Campaign '16 Photo September 7, 2016

Trump’s Last Supper

You could imagine the photo, as he performs this incongruous campaign pivot, is a twist on the expectation of new followers and their allegiance.

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Fashion Focus Photo September 5, 2016

Everywhere is Fashion

One thing this gorgeous picture illustrates is how nature photography, like so much else, is channeling high style.

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Culture Focus Photo September 2, 2016

Earth, Air, Fire, Water: Our Twitter/Instagram Favs of the Week

The elements are all there in our social media roundup, from the Mediterranean to King's River to Vegas. And of course, Election '16 continues to generate plenty of heat.

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Culture Focus Photo September 1, 2016

Making Faith Visible: Picturing the Spiritual through the Ultimate Anguish

It's hard to visually convey faith or spirituality, especially through the ultimate anguish. That's what's so moving, and accomplished, about Lisa Krantz's images.

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