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Trump Photo November 30, 2016

Tabloid President: A Brilliant Trump Era Snapshot

To 56 million people, "fresh air" has nothing to do with NPR. Want to know what it means for Trump to take a stand? Well, you're looking at it.

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Politics Photo November 27, 2016

Trump’s Office Shrine: The Table, the FOX Interview and Self-Obsession

The segment of the FOX Trump interview proves so telling, it could be mistaken for a behavioral experiment.

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President Obama Photo November 24, 2016

Best Wishes, Thanksgiving 2016

To you and yours on this day of thanks from Reading the Pictures.

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Gender & Identity Photo November 21, 2016

What it Means to Look Like a Woman

I fall, again and again, into not seeing breasts in the photographs and so not seeing womanhood.

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Media Focus Photo November 18, 2016

What We Can Learn or Confirm from Trump’s Visit with Japan’s Prime Minister

We can start with the fact that the only pictures of the visit were made and released to the press by the Japanese.

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Race Focus Photo November 15, 2016

A Brief Visual History of the Bullet-Riddled Emmett Till Memorial Sign

It's important to place the viral Facebook photograph of the riverbank sign in a historical perspective. That starts with the famous casket photo published in Jet after Till's family insisted that he be seen.

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Campaign '16 Photo November 13, 2016

Media Normalizing: Reading the Ryan/Trump Speaker’s Balcony Photo Op

The impression is that Ryan and Trump, in completely normal fashion, are sharing the governing landscape. But that is not what is happening at all.

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Campaign '16 Photo November 9, 2016

Trump Shocker: Our Election Night 2016 Grand Tour

As shattering as it was, much of the imagery offered simple jubilation or pain. In these highlights from our social media feeds, we went further afield.

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Campaign '16 Photo November 7, 2016

Election ’16 Was, Is, And Will Continue To Be About Women

After a searing campaign, the issue of recognition and women's expectations makes this an essential frame.

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Campaign '16 Photo November 4, 2016

Don’t Panic! — Our Election ’16 Twitter & Instagram Final

Bags packed for Canada? Yes, it's almost over. And here is a sampling of our best social media from the campaign's final week.

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Campaign '16 Photo

An Uncanny Way of Seeing Donald Trump’s Woman Problem

From an Instagram photo, what an appearance by Melania Trump on the last Friday before the election calls to mind.

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Campaign '16 Photo November 3, 2016

So Much for Competence: Trump/Clinton as Popularity Contest

Whatever got us here, asking "Which One?" this year is radically misleading when only one of the candidates is competent.

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