November 4, 2016

Don’t Panic! — Our Election ’16 Twitter & Instagram Final

Bags packed for Canada? Head spinning from the 24 second news cycle? Make America focus on something else again? Yes, it’s almost over. And here is a sampling of our favorite social media pics and takes from the last 604,800 seconds. (Yeah, one week.)

From the press bus, and campaign journalist, Holly Baily. last minute Election '16 guidance. Via Instagram.

The White House Instagram pic is about fuel economy and climate change. But really, right now it’s as much or more about the election, someone’s high approval ratings and America’s anxiety turning the wheel over to somebody else. #Repost @whitehouse ・・・ Progress: Automakers in the last model year hit a new fuel economy record while also outperforming greenhouse gas emissions standards for the fourth consecutive year, helping to protect our planet and save consumers money. To date, emissions standards have reduced almost 130 million metric tons of CO2—close to the amount of greenhouse gases emitted from the electricity consumed by 20 million homes in one year. #ActOnClimate #obama #cars #driving #environment #climatechange #popular #smile #politics

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