January 22, 2017

Cranky Transfer of Power: Our Trump Inauguration Round Up

Well, the 20th came and went, as did the apparently underwhelming number of Trump supporters, the well-heeled, the (non-boycotting) dignitaries, the protesters, an-all-too-visible group of anarchists, and also, the Obamas. If officials and the public held out hope that Trump’s inauguration address would be inclusive and lofty, the warmed over stump speech was short and it was antagonistic. In this cross-section of RTP posts from Instagram and Twitter, we left the aerial Obama-Trump attendance comparisons, the empty bleachers, the “make do” concert with the not-well-know performers, the awkward White House meeting of Trump and Trump and the Obamas, Michelle breaking character, the boredom of the Trumps at the Congressional luncheon, the race-baiting painting and the disproportionate number of photos of the burning limo all to posterity. Instead, we’ve focused on more atmospheric scenes, on personality and on the visible fissures that still remain now that the deed has been done and the Trump era has officially begun.

President Trump saluting members of the military in the inaugural parade. Credit Sam Hodgson for The New York Times









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