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January 11, 2017

The Jeff Sessions Attorney General Hearing in 7 Photos

This is our tweet thread from yesterday’s Senate hearing considering Jeff Sessions for Attorney General. From those surrounding Sessions to cynically evoke a rainbow coalition, to the Code Pink protesters, to key faces in attendance, the political and racial baggage Sessions brought to the table generated plenty of visual noise. By the way, if you weren’t following the hearing as granularly as we were, our first post refers to a tweet by an MTV reporter who lashed out over the Sessions’s granddaughter being used as a prop. (Four of the ten Sessions grandchildren come from a daughter who is married to an Asian American.) Right wing media then lashed out at the lash out. The last tweet, showing the protesters dressed like KKK members, was meant less as snark than to highlight how much we marginalize these kinds of hearing room demonstrations, relegating them to political theater and “part of the show.” Our goal, as always, was also to show how much talented news photographers capture their own story lines.


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