February 27, 2017

Oscars Screw Up: The New Not Normal

In our social media roundup this weekend, we made the point that Trump and politics has invaded every aspect of culture. We notoriously notoriously highlighted a political riff on Trump and the Academy Awards. But the Best Picture FUBAR at the end of the show last night went far beyond any quip, skit, monologue or emphatic political statement. The question one has to ask after The Academy called the wrong winner (elevating the more vacuous choice over the more political and multicultural one) is whether topsy-turvy is running away with us.

Perhaps the last hope for sanity is the creativity of the public.  Here is some of the great stuff we pulled off of Instagram in the seconds that followed last night’s confusion.

After, LaLa Land was mistakenly announced as Best Picture winner meme created the night of the 2017 Academy Awards, this meme was flying around social media. It is playing off the famous Dewey Beats Truman headline.

Jimmy Kimmel tweets to President Donald J. Trump during the #Oscars: “u up?”

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