February 25, 2017

Trump In La La Land: Our Social Media Roundup

The point of the mural is that Trump has infected everything. If a vacuous Hollywood musical sweeps the Academy Awards, it implies one thing about Trump. If the more socially conscious films and those showcasing minority actors prevail, it means something else about Trump. Meanwhile, most of the images from our Twitter and Instagram feeds this week are inspired by the performer who, in fact, disdains agility and revels in the misstep. Check out the the town hall jigs, the climate change la de da, Trump’s Ali shuffle, and the two-step Pence performed for Trump in Germany and St. Louis around anti-Semitism. For a real pirouette though, also check out Todd Heisler’s Instagram photo with some key words from our contributor Katie Irwin. In the face of Trump’s deportation threats, Day Without Immigrants was a potential show stopper.

With all the Oscar "escapism vs hard reality" debate, London offers up a split ticket. Photo: Leal Olivas/AFP Photo

There is real art these days to not being identified. #Repost @bsmialowski ・・・ Passersby.

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