October 14, 2017

Wildfire, White House, Weinstein & More: Our Roundup of the Week

Photo: Marcus Yam / Los Angeles Times Caption: What's left of a window frames the damage caused by wildfires that moved through Glen Ellen, Calif. October 12, 2017

Another week, another conflagration. In the last month-and-a-half, we’ve reeled from multiple massive hurricanes to massive earthquakes to a mass shooting to massive wildfires. All of it in the midst of Trump. This week on social media, we gave a good deal of attention to the California wine country fires. We looked at the Harvey Weinstein sexual harassment meltdown and also tracked growing concern about Trump’s competency. We still have our eye on civil rights, including the ongoing protests in St. Louis. We’re also tracking the plight of Puerto Rico and the Rohingya crisis. Next week, we’re praying for complete fire containment in California, more power and water in Puerto Rico, and a little less disaster all around. (Note: the tweet above should credit Marcus’s photo to the LA Times. Someday, Twitter will add an edit function.)


A look to the heavens is a familiar gesture in photojournalism. But this ties together two different phrases that don’t even feel symbolic anymore. The first is: “What hath God wrought?” and the second is: “The roof caving in.” (-Michael Shaw)⠀ ⠀ Reposting @reuters:⠀ …⠀ “Tomasa Mozo, 69, a housewife, looks up at the roof as she poses for a portrait inside the ruins of her house after an earthquake in San Jose Platanar, at the epicentre zone, Mexico, September 28, 2017. The house was badly damaged but with the help of her family Mozo rescued some furniture. She lives in another room of her house and hopes to repair the damage as soon as possible. “I’m afraid to go out, I can not sleep,” Mozo said. REUTERS/Edgard Garrido #reuters #reutersphotos #mexico #earthquake #disaster” #God #heavens #portrait #roof #house #fate #fear #damage #news #media #politics #nature #epicenter #light #gaze #up

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Photo: Marcus Yam / Los Angeles Times. Caption: What’s left of a window frames the damage caused by wildfires that moved through Glen Ellen, Calif. October 12, 2017

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