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Twitter/Instagram Roundup Photo March 30, 2018

Face Offs Everywhere: Our Visual Roundup of the Week

It was a week in which issues gained weight, or at least, more gravity, and the aggrieved aggressively challenged the status quo.

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Activism & Protest Photo March 25, 2018

Gun Protests: Watching Our Very Young Have a Political Awakening

It feels like what we are witnessing in these photos is the surest emergence of social and political awareness. You sense the children are the most awake. 

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Twitter/Instagram Roundup Photo March 16, 2018

Walk Outs and Throw Downs – Our Visual Roundup of the Week

Student walkouts. Trump rapid firing, hiring and proclaiming. Visually, this was a week of large gestures, and demonstrations of all kinds.

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Gun Violence Photo March 8, 2018

Gun Reform That Looks More Like America

Post Parkland, these photos place gun violence and reform advocates in a larger frame.

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Chatting the Pictures Video March 5, 2018

Chatting the Pictures: Hope Hicks, Gun Prayer & Putin Oz

Watch the latest edition of Chatting the Pictures, our 25-minute weekly webcast. This week, we look at the media spectacle from Capitol Hill to Pennsylvania to Moscow.

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Twitter/Instagram Roundup Photo March 2, 2018

High Caliber Meltdown: Our Visual Roundup of the Week

The aftermath of gun violence, on top of an administration bleeding staff from outside investigations and internal warfare, has created the perfect storm.

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