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Eco Watch Photo September 3, 2009

BAGnewsOriginals: Fire Watching

I wanted to share this photo with you from BNN contributer Nina Berman of the raging fires in British Columbia.

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Iraq and Afghanistan War Photo May 2, 2009

The Texas Pioneer Adventure Is Closed

  This photo, taken by contributer Nina Berman, shows an Iraqi immigrant on a group visit, with other Iraqi women, to a park and arboretum in Texas. It does not specifically show discouragement or exclusion. It does not specifically demonstrate Iraqi refugees coming to the U.S. in a pioneering spirit...

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Nina Berman Photo April 6, 2009

Walled Street Protest

Noting the relative lack of emotion, enthusiasm, anger, BNN contributer Nina Berman offers us this view of the Wall Street protest this weekend.  

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Nina Berman Photo January 19, 2009

From The Obama Train

BAGnewsNotes contributer Nina Berman offers us this emotional view from the Obama "Freedom Train."

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Culture Focus Photo December 13, 2008

Looking At The "Post-Partisan" Religious Political Picture

Doesn't the current political climate, as expressed by the Obama victory and the dispersal of the "values vote," makes this picture much harder to read?

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Militarism Focus Photo December 2, 2008

Homeland: Lambs Eat Oats and Does Eat Oats and Little Goats Eat K-Rations

Welcome to the Iraq training simulation at Fort Polk, where -- in an thoroughly obsessive, if totally misbegotten notion about authenticity -- it completely matters to American national security whether exactly six, rather than eight, as opposed to ten goats should be let loose to roam around.

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Business Focus Photo September 28, 2008

Bell Tightening On Wall Street

With the Wall Street bailout set for Congressional passage today, I offer you an ironic counterpoint.

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Business Focus Photo September 22, 2008

Wall Street Nightmare

Looking at these photos through the lens of the current financial convulsions, they read much differently, I'm sure, than when they were shot in 2003.  BagNewsNotes contributer Nina Berman's photos anthropomorphize, and give nightmarish expression to my most terrifying fears of a Wall Street disaster.

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Nina Berman Photo November 18, 2007

Your Turn: War Time America

In her continuing look at militarization and the security of the homeland, contributer Nina Berman offers us a set of images tied to Atlantic City's "Thunder Over The Boardwalk" air show this past August.

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Culture Focus Photo June 13, 2007

It’s Not A Hand Gun, It’s Military: Fleet Week #3

What I'm curious about, however, is how -- just weeks after the Virginia Tech shootings (and the lost opportunity to have a public debate about hand guns) -- neither the military, the police, nor the city seemed to have reservations in encouraging the public (no just looking?), and especially,...

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Culture Focus Photo June 12, 2007

Black Boys With Guns: Fleet Week #2

Yesterday, I posted the first of a three-part series from Fleet Week.  Photographer Nina Berman's images record the week-long festivities in New York involving the presence of naval ships, sailors, and military demonstrations and exhibitions all over the city.  In this middle set of pictures, I'm interested in questions,...

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Culture Focus Photo June 11, 2007

Asking Questions About America: Fleet Week #1

About two weeks ago, photographer Nina Berman sent me a series of photos she had shot during Fleet Week, and I've been looking at them every day since.

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Culture Focus Photo February 11, 2007

Your Turn: Rites Of Passage

Nina Berman's photo of Iraq veteran Ty Ziegel and his wife, Renee Kline, won a first prize in the portraits category in the 2007 World Press photo awards announced Friday.

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