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Photography/Photojournalism Photo December 11, 2020

Reading the Symbols of Political Movements: A Joint Reading the Pictures/Columbia University Tow Center and Data Science Institute Salon

In this Salon, we discuss the symbolic strategies of political movements, especially those on the far right, and the challenges posed to the media.

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Immigration/Migration Photo November 5, 2018

The Visual Representation of the US/Mexico Border Wall in the Media — The Reading the Pictures Salon

Join us for The Visual Representation of the US/Mexico Border Wall in the Media -- the latest Reading the Pictures Salon.

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President Obama Photo October 1, 2017

Reading the Pictures Salon: Michael Shaw and Pete Souza in Conversation at Photoville ’17

Watch Michael Shaw and Pete Souza discuss key Obama photos at Photoville 2017 before the start of Pete's national book tour.

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Politics Photo April 7, 2017

Watch: Key Pictures from Trump’s First 100 Days: The Reading the Pictures Salon

In this latest edition of the Reading the Pictures Salon, a distinguished panel reads key pictures from the first 100 days of the Trump Presidency.

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BagNewsSalon Slideshow Interviews Photo October 1, 2016

How Science is Pictured in the Media and Public Culture: A Joint Reading the Pictures/Seeing Science (UMBC) Salon

This joint Reading the Pictures/UMBC Salon is interested in science as a social agenda and how science images are being portrayed in visual culture.

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Campaign '16 Photo September 15, 2016

Photoville ’16 Salon: The Presidential Campaign Through New Eyes

In this live Reading the Pictures Salon from Photoville, we'll be discussing unconventional Election 2016 images with and by four key photographers.

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BAGannouncements Photo February 28, 2016

Watch the Reading the Pictures Salon: A Look at Early Campaign ’16

Watch our expert Salon panel analyze key photos of the campaign so far.

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BAGannouncements Photo December 15, 2015

Watch the Reading The Pictures Salon: The Visual Framing of the Migrant Crisis

Photos of the migrant crisis have dominated the media over the past year. What can we learn from the way traditional and social media, primarily in the west, has depicted the story? An expert panel discusses the imagery in this Reading the Pictures Salon.

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Salon Archive Photo January 15, 2015

The Lens in the Mirror: How Surveillance is Pictured in the Media and Public Culture — A Joint Open Society-BagNews Salon

Presenting a joint Open Society Foundation/BagNews Salon examining the visual representation of surveillance as expressed in traditional and social media.

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Immigration/Migration Photo September 22, 2014

The BagNewsSalon at Photoville 2014: The Most Significant News Photos of the Year

Join us at Photoville 2014 for a distinguished panel and our reading and analysis of some of the key photos of 2014.

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Salon Archive Photo April 13, 2014

Watch the BagNews Salon: The Visual Framing of Kiev and the Battle for Independence Square

The purpose of this BagNewsSalon discussion is to better understand the visual dynamics and editorial framing of the battle for control of Ukraine and the events in Independence Square.

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Photography/Photojournalism Photo January 21, 2014

The Debate Over White House Photo Access: The BagNews Salon (with Video Highlights)

Watch video highlights of the salon as an esteemed panel, mostly current or former White House photojournalists, discuss the ins-and-outs of presidential photo coverage.

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Salon Archive Photo September 17, 2013

BagNewsSalon – Photoville ’13: Photojournalism in Flux (with Video Highlights)

This BagNews Salon, to be held at the 2013 Photoville photo festival in Brooklyn, examines eight photos that have either been the subject of debate or relate to current issues surrounding the practice of photojournalism.

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Media & Culture Photo January 10, 2013

BagNewsSalon: "Unnecessary Roughness: Football as a Reflection of American Culture"

This BagNews Salon features a distinguished panel of sports scholars and photojournalists analyzing a select edit of media photos dealing with football and American culture.

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BAGannouncements Photo October 25, 2012

BagNewsSalon: The Picture from Syria

"The Picture from Syria": An analysis of the media imagery of the Syrian civil war.

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BAGannouncements Photo September 12, 2012

Campaign ’12: The Stretch Run – Oct 10th Live Salon at Columbia University

BagNewsNotes and Columbia University Graduate School of Journalism present a live salon examining the photojournalistic coverage and visual framing of the 2012 presidential race.

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BAGannouncements Photo July 25, 2012

BagNewsSalon: "The War on Women"

WATCH the replay of the BagNewsSalon - The War on Women.

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Salon Archive Photo May 9, 2012

BagNewsSalon: "The Visual Chemistry of Kony 2012"

Sponsored by Open-i On May 20th, in collaboration with Open-i, the BagNews Salon hosted “The Visual Chemistry of Kony 2012”: An analysis of the viral video campaign by Invisible Children. How do visual campaigns like the Kony 2012 viral video backfire in their success? What made Kony 2012 so...

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