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Biden Presidency Photo January 16, 2021

Where the Mockery Falls

America has largely confused Trump's mockery of democracy with the mocking of Trump himself. The Europeans haven't had such a problem.

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Culture Focus Photo January 11, 2021

The Cult Of Trump In Its Last Throes

In the assault on the Capitol, the distinction between faith, nation, and godhead finally and completely broke down.

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Campaign '20 Photo January 10, 2021

Capitol Artwork a Symbolic Participant in Trump White Supremacist Riot

While the rioters who invaded the Capitol amplified the nation's history of white supremacy, that history was already hanging on the walls behind them.

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Coronavirus Photo December 31, 2020

Media, Grief, and Three Views of a Tragic Covid Zoom Goodbye

In the case where families and loved ones must say goodbye virtually, the life of that terrible scene is not so simple.

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Photography/Photojournalism Photo December 11, 2020

Reading the Symbols of Political Movements: A Joint Reading the Pictures/Columbia University Tow Center and Data Science Institute Salon

In this Salon, we discuss the symbolic strategies of political movements, especially those on the far right, and the challenges posed to the media.

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Coronavirus Photo December 5, 2020

Heartfelt Photos from Covid's Crushing Third Wave

Just like in the spring, the focus has turned to Covid, to grief, and to hospital ICUs. However, the photos seem more intimate this time.

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Campaign '20 Video November 24, 2020

Chatting the Pictures: Kamala’s Sorority Sisters Stroll Dance in Harlem Inspired by 2020 Victory

We discuss the joy and history of Alpha Kappa Alpha as Kamala's sorority sisters stroll dance in Harlem inspired by the Biden/Harris victory.

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Coronavirus Photo November 23, 2020

Covid Denial in One Picture

In one photo, this man has become the poster for a government in denial, and everyone who can't be induced or bothered to wear a mask.

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Campaign '20 Video November 19, 2020

Chatting the Pictures: The Most Secure Election in History

With the president falsely challenging the 2020 election process, this vote counting photo from Pittsburgh comes to stand for its integrity.

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Coronavirus Photo November 16, 2020

The Lasting Image of Trump and the Virus

Many photos link Trump to the pandemic, but this photo-illustration really captures him as the great Covid enabler.

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Campaign '20 Video November 13, 2020

Chatting the Pictures: Our Top Biden/Harris Victory Photograph

The thread running through the photos of people pouring into the street to celebrate Biden’s victory was unbridled joy. This is a classic.

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Campaign '20 Video October 28, 2020

Chatting the Pictures — Jill Biden: I’ve Got a Hold On You

In this highlight video, we discuss Joe Biden's inclination to press the flesh, even in a pandemic, and Jill's impact as his "body person."

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Campaign '20 Video October 19, 2020

Chatting the Pictures: Early Voting With a Passion

Despite the obstacles, citizens are determined to be heard in the 2020 election. We discuss this "first day of voting" photo from Georgia.

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Chatting the Pictures Video October 16, 2020

Chatting the Pictures: White House Swagger Vaporized as Soon as Trump Got Sick

Watching Donald Trump depart to Walter Reed with the coronavirus, White House staffers suddenly looked scared and vulnerable.

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Chatting the Pictures Video October 14, 2020

Chatting the Pictures: From Breonna Taylor’s Side Window

This photo of Juniyah Palmer, Breonna Taylor's sister, was taken by LaToya Ruby Frazier. We find it a powerful emotional and forensic record.

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Activism & Protest Photo October 8, 2020

Social Justice in the “Unified” NFL

If the NFL really wants to promote anti-racism, it seems hard to imagine a less emphatic visual statement.

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Culture Focus Video October 1, 2020

Chatting the Pictures: Agony and Ecstasy over the Death of Ruth Bader Ginsburg

In this highlight clip, we discuss Christian conservative women praying at the Supreme Court door as another woman grieves the passing of RBG.

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Eco Watch Photo September 17, 2020

Whirling Fire Storm Photo: The New Unfathomable

Fire photos this ominous come at a premium. But this photo from California captures the new otherworldly state of the climate crisis.

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Disaster Focus Photo September 16, 2020

Global Heating and Fire: California Jumps the Gap

It's not just a bad fire season. These photos both symbolize and demonstrate how California has crossed a critical climate threshold.

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Culture Focus Video September 15, 2020

Chatting the Pictures: Militia Fist Bump With Riot Cop at Stone Mountain

This video looks at the presence of armed Trump supporters, and rising concern over the relationship between police and white militia groups.

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