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Notes Photo January 31, 2013

Camel Jockeys, Mexican Desperados, Male Bashing Show Girls: Coke's '13 Super Bowl Chase Ad

Obviously, these commercials are a complex mash of every seducing and agitating cultural hook they can metaphorically lay claim to.

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Notes Photo July 8, 2012

American Workers Broken and Angry… The Perfect Advertising Opportunity!

So, the hot trend in corporate advertising is to repurpose the "stress" and "sense of rebellion" American workers are feeling today ... for whatever reason??

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Notes Photo June 1, 2012

Mitt Photo-Op of the Day: Solar Eclipse

Mitt, playing for soundbites, upstaged by a building.

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Notes Photo March 11, 2012

Coming Soon: The Joseph Kony Tour Package

Geo-politics meets compassion marketing meets war tourism.

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Notes Photo February 7, 2012

The Clint Eastwood Chrysler "Half Time in America" Controversy, and the Doctored Wisconsin Footage

It may be safer to say that Chrysler’s Halftime in America ad is more accurately seen through the lens of doctored video footage to be a pro-corporate, anti-union advertisement than any other kind of political statement.

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Notes Photo February 6, 2012

Pussycats in the Clouds: Go Daddy Paints Super Bowl 2012

The visuals remind us that on Super Bowl Sunday, the only thing that viewers consume more of than chips and beer is women’s bodies.

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Notes Photo February 4, 2012

Matthew’s Day Off: Or, Why 2012 Super Bowl Ads Drowning in Nostalgia

In the Super Bowl ad nostalgia of 2012, corporations and advertising people they employ are working hard to convince us that things in this decade aren’t so different from the past fifty or so years. ...Funny why that is.

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Notes Photo February 2, 2012

Combining Children with Scare Tactics in Georgia’s Anti-Obesity Campaign

The ads consciously manipulate feelings of guilt and fear in an effort to capture attention. The only question is, whose attention are they trying to get?

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Notes Photo November 18, 2011

Occupy is not a Frickin' Maybelline Ad

You know what's messed up? It's when a cosmetics company turns a populist and embattled movement for economic justice into giggly, jiggly mind-numbing hamburger for the sake of peddling lip balm.

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