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Notes Photo October 25, 2012

Romney/Ryan: Overdone BFF Shtick Artfully Framed

Crowley is such a wonderful photographer. I wonder how he'd describe this. Perhaps as two unusually upright, upstanding, stand up guys having a straight up moment.

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Notes Photo October 24, 2012

Obama: The Pamphleteer

After a very solid debate performance, I don't know how you could offer up a weaker morning-after visual.

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Notes Photo October 22, 2012

Debate Three: Romney – Obama in Screen Shots. Bombs Away! (Updated)

Granted, Obama was mocking and derisive at times (most notably delivering Mitt the weaponry lecture). What the screen shot seems to depict, however, is Obama not only looking at ease, but actually enjoying himself

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Notes Photo

Romney's Beach Football: Shades of Hyannis Port, Anyone?

Not like anybody at Team Romney, looking for any opportunity to moderate Mitt and create a more presidential aura would be creating Kennedy analogies, right?

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Notes Photo

On My Honor: Looking at Romney, Ryan and the Boy Scouts

With Romney toggling back-and-forth between more conservative and moderate views, weighing in on the crisis besetting the Boy Scout movement would represent a true act of moral leadership.

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Notes Photo October 19, 2012

The Perfection of NYT Mag's Ryan Cover, Mr. Right

It's perfect -- especially the title.

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Notes Photo October 18, 2012

No, Everyone DOESN'T Do It: Why WAPO's Defense of Ryan's Soup Kitchen Photo Op is Dead Wrong

I can understand the media wanting to absolve itself of responsibility in enabling the Ryan photo op and distributing the pictures, but in this case, these comparisons don't wash.

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Notes Photo October 17, 2012

God Bless Damon Winter

With photographers constantly worried about finding unique angles on this interminable marathon, Winter avails himself of that tool in the toolbox that he makes look simply but is otherwise not easy to use.

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Notes Photo

Wearing the Binders: Romney Can't Talk to Women

Tweeted by his body man, Garrett Jackson, just before Romney walked onstage, this photo impressed me as presaging tension between Crowley and Romney. I assumed that was because Romney defies rules and boundaries. As much, though, it’s because Romney can’t talk to women. click for full size This screenshot...

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Notes Photo October 16, 2012

Pic of the Night? (…Yeah, Revised With that Fuzzy Crazy Other One)

I assume a lot of people are going to see Obama bringing the passion as the whole story. But there’s more going on here. Was Obama the central figure/more grounded? Is Romney’s back up? …Did the tie colors play true to form? I know this one’s getting more action: but...

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Notes Photo October 14, 2012

Did Ryan Campaign Fake Photo Op at Ohio Soup Kitchen, and Did Media Enable It?

This story stands to offer one more blow to the integrity of this campaign, as well as the credibility of the media to keep politicians honest, not just serve as a PR adjunct.

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Notes Photo October 13, 2012

Last Look at the Post-Debate Split-Screen Tit-for-Tat

I like this screen shot as a last word from the DR print edition. Pox on both their houses.

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Notes Photo October 11, 2012

Biden – Ryan in 4 Pics

Perhaps the stealth pic of the night. Ryan (what's that look: choir boy?) survives.

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Notes Photo

Ryan P90X Photos: Campaign '12 in the Tank

Essentially, the Ryan photos are a goof. And the fact they would be elevated like this the day before the debate, so much so they would win the internet, is a cynical act -- one suggesting to an already disillusioned public that this campaign deserves no better.

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Notes Photo October 10, 2012

Picture of Awkward: Romney the White Guy

Mitt, didn't we say never to flash the benjamins around?

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Notes Photo October 9, 2012

In '08, We Could See Russia. This Year? I See London, I See France.

I think it's completely fair to say that this girl in Fairfield (the Romney campaign making late pitch to citizens coming of voting age around 2023) has caught the campaign with its pants down.

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Notes Photo October 7, 2012

Mitt the Real Person

I don't want to preclude the explanation that Romney is tapping into a deeper place in himself. Let's not forget, though, how much Romney's real core seems to involve sussing out what's most expedient and then being that.

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Notes Photo October 5, 2012

New Yorker's "Empty Chair" Cover: Nobama … But Also More Than One Romney

Well, you can't say Obama didn't bring this upon himself. What's interesting, though, is how this cover still speaks to the overarching question of the campaign, which is: who is Romney?

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