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Notes Photo September 12, 2017

Monster Hurricanes and Eco Disaster Photos: The Indecisive Moment

These eco disaster photos allow us to take account of the slow consequences of Harvey and Irma. The fact they defy closure is the whole point.

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Notes Photo September 2, 2017

The Most Powerful, Least Seen Harvey Photos: Our Roundup

From the beginning, we sensed Harvey would be physically and socially devastating. These powerful, but lesser seen photos stood out.

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Notes Photo August 31, 2017

Harvey Unprecedented? What About 2 Weeks Ago in Sierra Leone?

Although Harvey's impact seems to be mercifully smaller in ways than recent monster storms overseas, these events call for larger ways to scale them.

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Notes Photo August 29, 2017

American Refugees: On that Harvey Portrait by Alyssa Schukar

In one incredibly lashing from the heavens, we now face our own refugee crisis.

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Notes Photo October 24, 2016

Haiti, Matthew and the Limits of Attention

What makes one critical event the intense focus of “name photojournalists” and visual media while others are largely ignored?

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Notes Photo August 29, 2016

It’s Not Just a Photo, it’s a Story — The Italian Earthquake, and What News Photos Can Do Today

Because we’re all story makers and explanation seekers, we can help but “fill in the picture” and experience how it all blew apart.

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Notes Photo August 24, 2016

A Transfixing Picture from the Flood Zone

The flood not withstanding, it’s an excruciatingly ordinary domestic picture.

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Notes Photo August 18, 2016

Some Thoughts on the Louisiana Flood Pictures

It's hard not to look at the photos of the historic flooding in Louisiana outside the frame of the presidential campaign and our national identity.

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Notes Photo August 3, 2016

The Visual Politics of Empty Shelves

Photographs of bare stores and starving families fit too neatly into us and them, imagining whole political systems as economically and morally bankrupt.

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Notes Photo June 13, 2016

Mapplethorpe to Stonewall: the Orlando Massacre Over the Course of Sunday

Tracking the visual reactions to the horrific Orlando massacre on Twitter over the course of the day Sunday.

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Notes Photo May 16, 2016

Bhopal Portrait: Not Pathetic, Not Stereotyped

If the portrait prominently references a tragedy and a care agency, it hardly pulls for pity.

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Notes Photo May 13, 2016

Fort McMurray: Hard Pictures from the Alberta Wildfire

Whether the aftermath photo captured some essence of catastrophe and childhood, domesticity, suburbia or fate, each of them touched a chord.

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Notes Photo April 6, 2016

No One Thinking About Nuclear Summit? Listen to the Ruins.

The nuclear summit was important–unless, that is, you don’t mind having Your Town looking like this.

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Notes Photo January 29, 2016

Flint: Raise Your Glasses

Whether or not they're swilling the river brand, the photo catches Flint's bureaucrats red handed.

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Notes Photo January 28, 2016

On that Flint – Detroit Water Comparison Photo

So, I’ve been looking at this Flint crisis picture for a week now and it’s still not sitting well.

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Notes Photo January 5, 2016

Has Disaster Gone Modern? New Years Fire & Fireworks in Dubai

Are disasters the trade-off for living in a grander, richer, more technological, more super-sized and more sensational century?

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Notes Photo November 3, 2015

Photographing the Refugee Crisis: The Significance of Less Context

Let me suggest that the more interchangeable the images, they more they point toward the full significance of this historical moment.

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Notes Photo October 8, 2015

On Norbert Baksa’s “Migrant Chic” Fashion Shoot

What Baksa has done may differ in degree, but not in kind with how his clients and the news media are pushing the edge.

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