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Notes Photo August 26, 2015

More Katrina in Retrospect: Blinded by the Light

The question we asked at the time, and we're asking still, is why the photos published inside the Superdome were so artful and distant?

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Notes Photo July 26, 2015

How to Understand the Newly Released 9/11 Photo of Dick Cheney with his “Foot Up”

Anyone reading a smug indifference, even if that's characteristic of Cheney most of the time, would understand at some level that it’s misattributed here.

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Notes Photo April 28, 2015

Volcanic Exceptionalism: Why America Treats Every Disturbance Abroad Like it’s Looking in a Mirror

People from the United States have been looking at South American volcanoes and seeing them as metaphors for what’s happening at home for at least one hundred and fifty years.

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Notes Photo April 24, 2015

Congrats to the Calbuco Volcano, Crashing the Weekly Menu of Disaster Entertainment

We don’t love the photos of the Calbuco Volcano because the eruption reminds us of a Yellowstone geyser, a giant 4-H winning cauliflower or the perfect backdrop for the monotonous subdivision.

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Notes Photo April 10, 2015

The Drought Doesn't Discriminate by Class or Ethnicity: Balazs Gardi in the Central Valley

After all the sensational and stereotyped coverage of the immigration issue, Gardi's photos parse Mother Nature from Beltway nature.

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Notes Photo April 7, 2015

On Damon Winter's "Divided" Photos of California's Water Crisis

The question is: how much is the photo more static and dread-laden, and how much is it more "fluid"?

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Notes Photo April 4, 2015

"What's Up" at The Dallas Museum of Art: Sculpture Imitates Life?

With everything in our increasingly technological, innovative and cataclysmic world as fodder for the camera, tell me it's not getting harder to make sense of what's sticking out anymore.

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Notes Photo February 24, 2015

"Breaking" Pic from Fukushima

Don't worry yourself what's bubbling beyond the tarp?

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Notes Photo December 10, 2014

The Beauty of LA Burning

LA burning isn’t beautiful because LA deserves to burn. LA burning is beautiful because we can see it that way.

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Notes Photo October 14, 2014

Mashup of the Day: Hands Up, Don’t Shoot

Maybe it’s relevant for drawing together the two biggest visual stories in the news stream right now — both involving blacks at risk.

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Notes Photo October 11, 2014

Benedicte Kurzen's Complex and Mysterious Photo from Ebola-Stricken Monrovia

This is one of the richest, most curious and most suggestive editorial photos I've seen in a while. I'm interested in your thoughts.

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Notes Photo October 1, 2014

Sensational Ebola Pictures: Those Aren't Astronauts

Its been too easy in the West to either ignore the Ebola pictures, or pull up a chair for the horror show.

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Notes Photo June 16, 2014

The Marriage of Wedding Photography and Photojournalism Getting Totally Out of Hand

Quick takes on one of the week's hottest wire photos.

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Notes Photo June 1, 2014

Hashtag Mining: 911museum

Is the 9/11 Museum a memorial or is it, ultimately, an art museum, cultural temple and design artifact?

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Notes Photo May 1, 2014

The S. Korean Ferry Disaster: Living Hell in an Increasingly Mediated Age

I'm referring to how and how much participants live the experience live via screens and visual and social media. Which then, we do.

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Notes Photo March 31, 2014

MA370: Still Haunting

All it takes is the prompt it has something to do with MA370 and the mind starts going.

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Notes Photo March 24, 2014

Aboard Malaysia Air Flight 370

If up to now, you only imagined the fated plane in your minds eye as a blip on a radar screen or even a murky fragment on a sea bottom somewhere, we’re now actually, incredibly on board.

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Notes Photo March 18, 2014

On that Photo from the Hope Wall at Kuala Lumpur International Airport

What is a face but a map, its own mystery.

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