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Notes Photo June 27, 2021

Picturing Vaccination Reluctance Among Conservative Christians

Vaccination reluctance in these small Appalachian towns is less a matter of politics or social responsibility than a complex conflict with faith.

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Notes Photo January 11, 2021

The Cult Of Trump In Its Last Throes

In the assault on the Capitol, the distinction between faith, nation, and godhead finally and completely broke down.

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Notes Photo March 22, 2020

Drive-Up Confession and other Pandemic Improvisations

The drive-up church confession is just one of the creative adaptions being made on the fly as the coronovirus upsets the familiar rituals of life.

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Notes Photo July 24, 2019

Religious Persecution Survivors on the Oval Stage

We examine the political agenda behind President Trump’s Oval Office meeting with 27 survivors of religious persecution from around the world. 

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Notes Photo December 23, 2017

Trump’s Christmas Offensive

Trump spent the whole month on a relentless crusade to remind everyone "Season's Greetings" was somehow sacrilegious. But did anyone care?

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Notes Photo September 11, 2017

Salam 9/11

The photo was taken in 2011, on the 10th anniversary of 9/11. It seems even more relevant now. 

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Notes Photo April 26, 2017

On That Stunning Tefillin Photo and the Marks that Remain

The verses inside the tefillin represent an eternal relationship that has already spanned thousands of years. Skin operates on a much shorter, mortal calendar.

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Notes Photo September 1, 2016

Making Faith Visible: Picturing the Spiritual through the Ultimate Anguish

It's hard to visually convey faith or spirituality, especially through the ultimate anguish. That's what's so moving, and accomplished, about Lisa Krantz's images.

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Notes Photo June 13, 2016

Mapplethorpe to Stonewall: the Orlando Massacre Over the Course of Sunday

Tracking the visual reactions to the horrific Orlando massacre on Twitter over the course of the day Sunday.

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Notes Photo February 5, 2016

On Obama’s First Presidential Visit to a U.S. Mosque

Are we to commend Obama for the photo and his first visit in office to a U.S. mosque? Or, should he be faulted for taking so long?

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Notes Photo January 22, 2016

It’s Gucci Meets Starbucks, by God

Our stealth photo of the week. Truly, no one sees this church in the mirror?

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Notes Photo December 17, 2015

On that Perfectly Real Photo of “Trump and the Muslim Girl”

These photos undermine Trump’s logic at the same time that they elevate domestic (Muslim) American life. In other words, Trump gets trolled.

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Notes Photo November 29, 2015

On the Planned Parenthood Shooter Mugshot and Today’s News Portrait

If only the tendency to treat every face like a story led to real evidence.

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Notes Photo November 19, 2015

Who’s French Now? The Most Political, and Poignant Aftermath Photos from the Paris Attack.

If the attack changed the way France sees its Muslims, its foreign born and even non-whites, how did that inform the immediate imagery?

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Notes Photo September 30, 2015

Hippie Bashing: New Photos at TIME Keep New Age on the Fringe

Perhaps a threat to consumer culture, these new photos at TIME ridicule yoga, mediation and spiritual practices, framing them as still somehow “far out."

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Notes Photo September 28, 2015

On that Photo of the Pope and a Prisoner Holding Hands in Philadelphia

Condensing his visit to one powerful scene, the photo captures Pope Francis's challenge to America and its uncompromising political class to reach out.

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Notes Photo

The Pope’s US Trip as it Touched on Race

Although the Pope typically addresses injustice in the context of class, his concern over racial strife was implicit in those key quotations from MLK.

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Notes Photo September 25, 2015

The Pope’s Congressional Override

What was straight out of a parallel universe was the way our senior legislators, the polarized of the polarized, reacted to the Pope's confrontation in a completely apolitical way.

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