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Notes Photo September 23, 2015

Pope in America: It’s Showtime!

Poverty? Racial tolerance? Social Justice? For the media over the next few days, it’s Hollywood, baby.

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Notes Photo September 3, 2015

Christian Conservative “Counter Logic”: That Kim Davis Photo and God’s Law

This photograph of Kim Davis denying gay people equal treatment under the law by appealing to the dictates of her own conscience is a picture of the snake eating its own tail.

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Notes Photo May 26, 2015

Behind the Niqab: The (Male) Photographer’s Perspective of Life Through the Veil – Part 1

Men would do well to consider women’s perspectives more often—not just when there is a physical reminder that your literal view on the world is affected by your gender.

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Notes Photo May 12, 2015

Muhammad Art Contest: Pamela Geller Rallies the Troops

This show of muscle is reminiscent of the American invasion of Iraq -- as supplemented by the Blackwater group.

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Notes Photo March 28, 2015

Photojournalism and Public Trauma: Safe Travels

If we can't even trust our own pilots, is there anyone or anything left that we can depend on to assure our safe travels?

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Notes Photo January 27, 2015

Pics from the Wire: The Overarching Obstacle in Iraq

The photo sums up the problem with western engagement -- in duplicate.

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Notes Photo January 17, 2015

Holy Dive-in-ity

We shouldn't let a new year full of cataclysms obscure all those brave souls who've been jumping into super-cold water without their clothes.

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Photo January 11, 2015

Paris Post-Charlie: Questions and Comments in Getty's Newswire Street Photos

I know the majority of news attention went to the solidarity march in Paris on Sunday. I was more struck, however, by the angles and ideas percolating, non-verbally of course, in Getty's newswire photos from Saturday.

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Notes Photo December 16, 2014

ISIS Hysteria Meets War on Christmas: On the Sydney Hostage Siege Screenshot

Gender-wise, the photo surely did have a voyeuristic and almost sado-sexual vibe to it.

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Notes Photo November 26, 2014

On The Thanksgiving Wire

With the view every-which-way so dark and conflicted, this provided some relief.

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Notes Photo

Under Siege, Those Dancing Blacks and Acrobatic Palestinians

If I believed the world had that much more sensitivity, I would think these photos would be recognized and celebrated as empathetic to the largely black residents of Ferguson or to Palestinians and Israeli Arabs.

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Notes Photo November 9, 2014

Glory as a Stage Show: On Mark Peterson’s Vegas Megachurch Photos

Peterson’s photograph places us right down front at a high-energy, high-tech, multi-media extravaganza where lights, camera, and action are the name of the game.

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Notes Photo August 8, 2014

Philip Montgomery: From a Harlem Frame Shop

What’s impressive about the photo is how it has both a pre- and post-9/11 meaning.

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Notes Photo July 1, 2014

On that ISIS/ISIL Centerfold

I imagine you’ve seen this gentleman posing here in his outdoor boudoir?

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Notes Photo June 26, 2014

Pictures Beyond the Veil: The Hijab and Free Choice

Although compulsary veiling is certainly a violation of women’s civil rights, the act of unveiling can similarly obscure women’s identities.

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Notes Photo January 26, 2014

Aerial Attack at the Vatican

What makes the attack so compelling is how thoroughly ripe it is for symbolization.

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Notes Photo September 27, 2013

Rise of Ted Cruz Best Captured (Fleetingly, Anyway) by Medieval Christian Iconography

On the brink of a government shutdown, the next act of a fractured Congress, and the rise of a great right hope, it's not like these aren't perfect days for religious visual metaphors.

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Notes Photo August 1, 2013

Everywhere and Nowhere: Egypt President's Ubiquitous "Disappearance"

Perhaps the strangest plot twist of the Egyptian overthrow is the public erasure of President Morsi -- the physical version, that is. Otherwise, Morsi's presence has been ubiquitous.

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