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Notes Photo January 10, 2018

The Delicate Balance of Style Photos from War-Torn South Sudan

We are encouraged to see the South Sudanese people as something other than the face of a crisis. The risk, though, is to miss the crisis completely.

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Notes Photo September 5, 2016

Everywhere is Fashion

One thing this gorgeous picture illustrates is how nature photography, like so much else, is channeling high style.

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Notes Photo July 22, 2016

Look of the RNC: Bold Prints, Neckties, and Handguns, of Course

I've been thinking about what it means to dress the part at the Republican National Convention.

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Notes Photo March 19, 2016

Lufthansa Fashion: Our Latest Twitter/Instagram Roundup

For the first time in weeks, our Twitter/Instagam round up has fewer Campaign ’16 pics. Could fatigue be setting in? Or maybe the front has just shifted.

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Notes Photo February 11, 2016

Fashion of the Times: The Chastity Belt

It’s sad that pushback comes more in the form of irony from the Fashion Weeks than from the political debate.

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Notes Photo February 8, 2016

Fashion Week: Visions of the 1%

One of the fashion themes this year is that wealth is here to stay.

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Notes Photo January 22, 2016

It’s Gucci Meets Starbucks, by God

Our stealth photo of the week. Truly, no one sees this church in the mirror?

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Notes Photo May 15, 2015

Burundi in Crisis, Love the Headdress

I was struck by these portraits by photographers for Reuters, AP and AFP/Getty. Along with their existing captions is a second one I've volunteered to think about how these photos are actually consumed.

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Notes Photo May 8, 2015

Militarism and Race as Martin Parr Does the Derby

Beyond the jesting and the field day with hats, these two Parr photos from the Kentucky Derby feel a bit more political than usual.

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Notes Photo October 3, 2014

Does Up-and-Coming Model With Unusual Skin Condition Take Us Beyond Diversity?

How much is Ms. Brown-Young's condition, as a beauty signature, more singularly about "the other?"

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Notes Photo September 13, 2014

More Fashion Week: I'm My Own Grandpa

Beneath the quips, there's something really clever going on here.

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Notes Photo September 11, 2014

Fashion Week from an Untrained Eye: Shots of Models Eating

The most engaging view of culture and politics right now might be on or around the runway

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Notes Photo August 28, 2014

Obama Fluff, Perfectly Suited

Actually, Obama's summery change up was nothing short of a rescue.

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Notes Photo June 26, 2014

Pictures Beyond the Veil: The Hijab and Free Choice

Although compulsary veiling is certainly a violation of women’s civil rights, the act of unveiling can similarly obscure women’s identities.

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Notes Photo January 29, 2014

About Those "Pro-Gay" German Olympic Uniforms

If people are debating whether the new rainbow uniforms are based on the gay flag or not, that's not really the question.

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Notes Photo January 18, 2014

Fashion Week in the Big House

Shouldn’t there be some recognition of the difference between one of the more dangerous environments on earth and one of the most privileged?

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Notes Photo January 16, 2014

That Pussy Riot – Yuri Kozyrev Shoot: Fashion as Defiance

The Kremlin must regret letting go of those prison jackets.

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Notes Photo November 24, 2013

Racism as Style: The Return of Blackface

It's becoming increasingly difficult for me to overlook the tremendously casual manner in which fashion photographs repeat the ghoulish visual history of racism as style.

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