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Notes Photo December 7, 2016

Aleppo as the 21st Century Hiroshima?

Considering how much conventional warfare is excused because it is assumed to be less destructive than nuclear weapons.

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Notes Photo October 24, 2016

Haiti, Matthew and the Limits of Attention

What makes one critical event the intense focus of “name photojournalists” and visual media while others are largely ignored?

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Notes Photo July 24, 2016

Pokemon Syria

Embellishing hell on earth with the blue character reminds us that war is not just slideshow fodder or background noise.

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Notes Photo June 27, 2016

On that 10 Downing Cameron Brexit Portrait

The photo is not just about England's divorce from the continent but how it informs the distance between Cameron and his wife.

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Notes Photo June 2, 2016

Echo of the Bomb in Photos of Obama’s Visit to Hiroshima

Beyond the photos of Obama at the memorial, it felt like the horror, grief, memory and subordination was creeping into the other images.

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Notes Photo May 26, 2016

Obama’s Trip to Vietnam: the Graphic

Credit Jim Watson for reducing the Vietnam trip to this one piece of iconography.

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Notes Photo May 16, 2016

Bhopal Portrait: Not Pathetic, Not Stereotyped

If the portrait prominently references a tragedy and a care agency, it hardly pulls for pity.

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Notes Photo May 13, 2016

Fort McMurray: Hard Pictures from the Alberta Wildfire

Whether the aftermath photo captured some essence of catastrophe and childhood, domesticity, suburbia or fate, each of them touched a chord.

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Notes Photo April 27, 2016

How A Confederate Flag Can Be Meaningless

How is it that the Confederate flag symbol could leave people ... feeling nothing?

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Notes Photo April 22, 2016

Leibovitz and the Queen on her 90th: Monarchy & Marketing

The stunning photos of Queen Elizabeth you're seeing this week are hardly agenda-free.

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Notes Photo April 6, 2016

No One Thinking About Nuclear Summit? Listen to the Ruins.

The nuclear summit was important–unless, that is, you don’t mind having Your Town looking like this.

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Notes Photo March 31, 2016

Wire Services, Instagram and Migrant Despair: Woohoo!

Publishing more colorful, interesting and entertaining photos to Instagram, are media organizations doing justice to hard news?

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Notes Photo March 28, 2016

Brussels, Tintin and White House Wild Things: Juxtaposition of the Day

Two popular children's books, right? But here's where the twist comes....

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Notes Photo March 27, 2016


These photos, in the aftermath of the attacks in Brussels and Lahore, share a profane symmetry.

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Notes Photo March 22, 2016

Media, Pix and the Cuba Visit: Beyond Obama and Ché

Obama's alignment with a Ché Guevara mural is a cheap thing to focus on when the real challenge of the Cuba trip is the human condition.

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Notes Photo February 22, 2016

Progress and Catastrophe at the World Press Photo Awards

The winners bring us closer not only to the world as it is, but also to the world as it is unfolding from past to present to future.

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Notes Photo February 18, 2016

On Warren Richardson’s 2016 World Press Photo of the Year

The achievement of Richardson's World Press winning picture is the equally high level of artistry and story. Simply, it represents what we're seeing more consistently these days: a higher caliber press photograph.

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Notes Photo January 24, 2016

Having Committed to Peace with Iran…

Having built a bridge with Iran, funny how this shows up in the news galleries.

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