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Notes Photo January 18, 2017

Obama as Chicago Keepsake — A Unique Photo Farewell

Seeing how people in Chicago have saved and displayed Obama's image or memorabilia expresses his impact and farewell in a more personal way.

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Notes Photo January 16, 2017

MLK Day Meets the Trump Inauguration

We felt a special obligation this year to find just the right photo to commemorate Martin Luther King Day.

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Notes Photo January 11, 2017

Take It Down (LEAVE IT UP): On Congress Tiff over Ferguson Painting

Is this art dispute a weird throwback to the culture wars or a sign of things to come?

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Notes Photo December 12, 2016

Meet the Racists!

If the racists are trying to mask their hatred, the NY Times story makes for the kind of advertising you just can't buy.

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Notes Photo November 15, 2016

A Brief Visual History of the Bullet-Riddled Emmett Till Memorial Sign

It's important to place the viral Facebook photograph of the riverbank sign in a historical perspective. That starts with the famous casket photo published in Jet after Till's family insisted that he be seen.

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Notes Photo October 27, 2016

Trump Rally Wear Update: Black Guns Matter

It takes a particularly provocative t-shirt these days to merit special attention. Like this one.

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Notes Photo October 19, 2016

Not Your Father’s Black Panthers: On Election ’16 and the Youngs

In this bleak campaign season, it’s wonderful to be reminded how much less of our old baggage young people are carrying around.

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Notes Photo October 3, 2016

News Photos of Police Protests: More Profiling of Black Males

What we're seeing in these photo galleries is a replay of the stereotype associating young black men with criminal and savages.

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Notes Photo September 15, 2016

What’s Already Incredible about the African-American History Museum

From John Carlos and TommySmith to Colin Kaepernick, the dynamic of this museum is already poignant to observe.

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Notes Photo August 26, 2016

What Do They Have to Lose? And Other Scenes from the Trump Debacle

With Trump all about amplifying stereotypes, Reuters has surfaced an image that primes the palette.

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Notes Photo July 18, 2016

Baton Rouge, the Convention and the Trump Show

Ben Lowy's photo anticipates a call-and-response between Cleveland, Baton Rouge and Dallas by a newly themed “law-and-order" Trump.

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Notes Photo July 14, 2016

Baton Rouge to Dallas: Our Twitter/Instagram Review

From Baton Rouge to St. Paul to Dallas, these have been two extraordinarily difficult weeks in the civil life of America. Here is a timeline of tweets and posts of what we saw and thought over this wrenching time.

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Notes Photo July 13, 2016

Baton Rouge: Channeling the Fire with Amazing Grace

Mindful of the smoldering racial and political atmosphere in the country right now, the photo's symbolism reaches far beyond a single instance of goodwill.

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Notes Photo July 10, 2016

Police Killings: On the Decision Not to Watch

Whether we watch the videos or not, witnessing requires us to acknowledge that racist violence is there to be seen.

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Notes Photo July 7, 2016

On the Alton Sterling Daily News Cover. (Graphic, Yes.)

It might feel like there is nothing more to say, but it also feels like there was more to show.

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Notes Photo May 12, 2016

On the Raised-Fist Photo by Black Women Cadets at West Point

The fact is, this photo channels the culture of uprising and black activism just as much as it does unity, pride and sisterhood.

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Notes Photo May 10, 2016

Brian Palmer: Why Does This Old Cemetery Matter?

This is the 2nd post in a series with photographer Brian Palmer on the South and an abandoned African-American cemetery near Richmond known as East End.

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Notes Photo February 29, 2016

Race Optics and the 2016 Academy Awards

Looking more closely at the images, the way the Academy Awards program navigated the race issue wasn't nearly as slick as it seemed.

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