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Notes Photo December 1, 2014

Thoughts on the Rams "Don't Shoot" Gesture As They Obliterated the Raiders

As a single statement and a preamble to the contest is one thing, but bathed in light and replayed as the capstone to various winning moments is asking that much more.

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Notes Photo October 12, 2014

And We'll Get Back to Those Slain Black Youths Right After Baseball

It’s a troubling commentary on our cultural and media priorities that the civil rights story and the playoff hoopla have been so seamlessly grafted.

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Notes Photo September 15, 2014

Sports Advertising: Meet You at Your Cubical

I've always been keen on that rare bit of news or documentary imagery that happened to be shot in the office.

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Notes Photo September 10, 2014

The Focus on Janay Rice: The Pictures are Powerful, but Why are They Necessary?

Visuals that train the focus on Janay Rice rather than her husband play into the narrative that Ray Rice and the Ravens worked hard to construct—this is a marital problem rather than a criminal offense.

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Notes Photo July 14, 2014

The Second Coming: The Messianic Visuals of LeBron's Return to Cleveland

These images are only a small sampling, but the symbolism should be clear: LeBron James is still a savior, the prodigal son awaiting his redemption.

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Notes Photo July 12, 2014

Beyond Print: Larger Meaning of the NYT Sports Page LeBron Cover

If the layout is a twist on the ability of a news page to capture the impact, it’s also a commentary on how anachronistic the paper has become.

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Notes Photo July 7, 2014

Juxtaposition of the Day: Neymar Crushed, and an Overpass

With Brazil reaching the Cup semi-finals, there has been a sense all along that the country could not come through the tournament without enduring certain trials, weighed down perhaps by the cost to common good.

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Notes Photo July 3, 2014

Americans Don't Like to Lose

Why I was drawn to these pictures is because, at least in my mind, they combine a sprinkling of sport, nationalism and, in the first photo at least, hints of militarism, too.

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Notes Photo June 29, 2014

Between an Electrifying World Cup and Bodies on the Ground: Mario Tama in Brazil

What Mario has done this deep into the tournament, and with Team Brazil riding high, is to graft together the social and political with the sport and the spectacle.

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Notes Photo June 27, 2014

Hashtag Mining: The Politics of World Cup Watching

We take a hashtag tour to see who's watching World Cup and who -- with all that business to do, and all the fires to put out -- is minding the store.

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Notes Photo June 25, 2014

Thoughts on the Suarez Bite at the World Cup … and How Social Media Swallowed Him Whole

Instead of the incident showing the player as a freak or a punching bag, it highlights America’s myopia when it comes to the world of soccer and what is happening on the rest of the planet.

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Notes Photo June 24, 2014

As Headlines Mash, War & Sports Mixed Metaphor of the Day

The eye candy news slideshow meets Iraq hysteria meets the sports industrial complex.

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Notes Photo June 20, 2014

What’s Great About 7 Guys in the Desert, at a Camel Market, Watching the World Cup

You'd think these guys from Saudi Arabia would be watching either Algeria or Iran, wouldn’t you?

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Notes Photo June 12, 2014

World Cup Optics: Mario Tama on Brazil Vs. Brazil

Instead of the social stories functioning as due diligence, as preamble and warm up act, what if the coverage over the next four weeks did simultaneous justice to both the thrilling sports spectacle and the social cost?

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Notes Photo June 10, 2014

US Media + Brazil + World Cup = Show Me Some Skin

Talking predictions, get ready for a generous and gratuitous display of skin -- and I'm not just referring males on the pitch -- in the North American coverage of the international sports spectacle.

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Notes Photo June 8, 2014

As World Cup Approaches, the Sport Gets so Intoxicating … the Poverty, So Exotic

The message to the world, once the media and the sponsorship dollars get rolling, is that, even in the slums, love of the game conquers all.

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Notes Photo June 1, 2014

Juxtaposition of the Day: A Sporting Look at Brazil's Social Goals

Though the comparison between goal posts on the beaches and in the slums is implicit, the captions downplay the distinction.

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Notes Photo May 24, 2014

World Cup Picture of the Week: You Can't Eat Soccer Balls

Do you know what I liked best about this Sao Paolo graffiti art that went viral this week?

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