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Notes Photo May 12, 2014

Michael Sam's Draft Day Kiss: ESPN as Deep Throat

What's mainly an issue here is how media makes all of us flies on the wall without causing us to think about how we got in the room in the first place.

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Notes Photo April 28, 2014

Hash Tag Mining: NBA Clippers vs. Owner Donald Sterling

It's black because that's the issue.

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Notes Photo April 21, 2014

Boston Marathon 2014: Back to (the New) Normal

Funny how getting back on track looks a lot like war time.

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Notes Photo

SI's #BostonStrong Cover

I imagine it's almost sacrilegious to to get too analytical about this, but it's interesting just how much the bombing seems to have threatened the psyche of this city.

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Notes Photo April 6, 2014

Obama, Ortiz and White House Photo Access: When You Can't Handle Your Own Pitching

But, where's the real substance here, with the White House so exercised that selfies are facing a ban? It has to do with two things, visual filibustering and this Presidency's obsession with popular and commercial culture.

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Notes Photo February 17, 2014

Sochi is Boring

Not that the Olympics aren't a hallowed institution, by the way, but so were college athletics before the Sports-Industrial Complex ate them.

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Notes Photo February 13, 2014

Sports Illustrated's Michael Sam "Coming Out" Cover: Gay Alien or Perfectly Macho?

Speaking just for the picture, you're either "a scary, awesome beast" that won't tolerate whining, or you're not SI cover material.

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Notes Photo February 12, 2014

Game Change: POYi Meets NFL Meets Queer Nation

Of course, the idea that the population of American sports fans wouldn't be proportionally populated with gays and lesbians makes no sense at all. Stereotypes and homophobia in professional sports being what it is, however, the subjects coming together in this photo feel surprising and new.

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Notes Photo February 8, 2014

I Stayed Up All Night To Get Lucky

It's not often I'm rendered speechless.

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Notes Photo February 6, 2014

Heaping Shit on the Russians: Danger of a Low Bar?

If we're plunging headfirst into a crass visual meme, I think it's instructive.

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Notes Photo February 3, 2014

2014 Super Bowl Ads: Wisdom of the Puppies?

Could all these puppy ads speak to a desire in the culture for a kinder and and more genial atmosphere?

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Notes Photo February 2, 2014

Christie: Super Embarrassment

A bridge not-too-far.

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Notes Photo January 30, 2014

Putin & Sochi: Let the FU's Begin

We can break down the lines of attack into three categories: Olympic ring modification; the mocking of Putin's macho preoccupation with his own bod, the typology also setting homo-erotic bells ringing; and finally, Putin's outright gay-ification.

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Notes Photo January 29, 2014

About Those "Pro-Gay" German Olympic Uniforms

If people are debating whether the new rainbow uniforms are based on the gay flag or not, that's not really the question.

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Notes Photo December 4, 2013

An (Extreme) Meditation on our Virtual Times

To the extent we live so vicariously today, I couldn't imagine a more ingenious photographic parody of modern times.

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Notes Photo October 14, 2013

On That Viral Red Sox Home Run Photo on the Boston Globe Cover (and What it Has to Do With the Marathon Bombing)

The overcoming of adversity relates not just to Boston but the country, baseball being America's game.

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Notes Photo August 20, 2013

How About "Nyet": Explaining the Russian Gold Medal Sprinter's "Gay Protest" Podium Kiss

I thought Obama supposedly ogling a G-8 intern, or a couple supposedly making out in the middle of a riot presented classic case studies of news photos taken wildly out context. Those are merely silver medals, however, compared to the golden misread made by countless prominent national and international...

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Notes Photo August 12, 2013

One Sochi, Anti-Gay Russia Line of Attack: Putin's Repressed

In the next weeks and months leading up to Sochi, there is going to be a flood of images, and I imagine, visual provocations pushing back on Russia's primitive stance on homosexuality.

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