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Notes Photo December 10, 2011

Ninety-Nine Percent

Irish Prime Minister Enda Kenny makes a television address to warn the nation that it now faces new spending cuts and tax rises. Doesn’t she stand in for everyone else? Sleeping in what should have been the dining room, Jesus on the mantle. And that look on her face.It...

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Notes Photo December 9, 2011

Heartland Hope and Motorcade Love: Osawatomie Through a White House Lens

In these days of brass tacks, Pete Souza's lens isn't looking for Kansans in the fold. No, the strategy here simply is to capture and demonstrate citizens of the heartland are still willing to hear out and even look to the President.

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Notes Photo November 9, 2011

Protest In the Present Tents: The Overarching Symbol of Occupy

Over the past few months, the Occupy symbol that has come to characterize both the soul and the footprint of the movement is the trusty camping tent.

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Notes Photo October 10, 2011

Occupy Obama

My guess is that the WH offered up this photo to broadcast Obama is more than aware of the raw frustrations. Still, running the picture is clearly a gamble.

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Notes Photo

Occupy Wall Street: On the Short End of the Supply Chain

It was interesting last week to hear some dissonant notes intermixed with the Steve Jobs remembrances, people chattering about exploitation of natural resources and foreign workers, about corporate power, and the the like. If found this an interesting Occupy photo to the extent it starts to draw the “less...

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Salon Photo October 9, 2011

BagNewsSalon: The Visual Framing of “The Great Recession”

Join us the next BagNewsSalon discussing the framing of the great recession in the United States and Europe. The Salon includes photographers who have been covering the recession in depth and academics specializing in the visual rhetoric of poverty and social welfare.

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Notes Photo October 4, 2011

Target Michelle (and Carls Jr. Mitt)

Based on the info available, I've got to agree with the wingers that Michelle's supposedly stealth trip to Target was a photo-op.

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Notes Photo

Alan Chin at Occupy Wall Street: The Human Microphone

"Perhaps not remarkable, but telling, is how the protesters remain upbeat and positive, embracing idealism without irony." -- Alan Chin's latest "photo op-ed" from Zucotti Park.

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Notes Photo September 30, 2011

Occupy Wall Street? …Um, Look Again.

It only takes an instant to absorb the basic elements of this picture for you to think, "Oh, one more #OccupyWallStreet photo, right?

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Notes Photo September 27, 2011

Alan Chin at Occupy Wall Street: Nights at Camp Hashtag

If the protest/occupation in Liberty Square is easy to make fun of, especially for its scale, it creates a new fact on the literal ground of Wall Street. These are young people, victimized by the recession, willing to publicly dissent and, as importantly, stand up against conventional wisdom.

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Notes Photo September 23, 2011

Hippie Kooks

The best thing you can say about big media's token coverage of "Occupy Wall Street?" At least it's artful.

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Notes Photo September 19, 2011

Class Warfare (Top Down)

I'm sure a John Boehner would point to a photo like this, of all those young and disenfranchised Americans marching on the Stock Exchange, as evidence of class warfare. Except...

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Notes Photo

Obama's Latest Relaunch: Titantic or PT 109?

Question is, is this drawing good news or bad news?

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Notes Photo September 14, 2011

Jobs on the Line (his Included)

If the picture has turned up all over, I'm wondering what the message is.

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Notes Photo September 12, 2011

Beyond Commemoration Sunday: Remembering to Forget

This is how the US should look: a gleaming city. It need not even be a “city on a hill.” Unfortunately, the photograph is not from Milwaukee or Buffalo or New Orleans or Portland or any other American city. Welcome to the Jinzhou New Area on the northern...

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Notes Photo September 8, 2011

Obama's Jobs Address: Key Optics

If Obama gave a solid speech last night to a joint session of Congress, there were several moments that kept me from going all-Pollyanna.

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Notes Photo September 2, 2011

Job Scene: O-Brother

A clever shot from the LA job fair as White House stresses.

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Notes Photo August 20, 2011

The Dollar-Store Economy (and a Chance to Unload, God Bless You!)

Beyond the one-liner, there is something unique and clever about this picture, delivering an effect that is extremely rare, at least for an editorial photo.

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