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Notes Photo October 27, 2014

On those Viral Photos of African Migrants atop the Melilla Golf Course Fence

In this version of the photo, however, there is one element that makes quite a difference. It's that the golfer on the left seems to notice the men scaling the fence.

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Notes Photo October 16, 2014

Wage Slaves and Fatal Naps

There are many dramatic events and concerns that fill the visual news window every day. The despair of the low wage hourly worker isn’t the first one that comes to mind.

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Notes Photo July 10, 2014

David Schalliol from Chicago: On the South Side, as in Detroit, Rumblings of Something Different

I continue to seek the right balance between the challenges that plague the community and the life that goes on in response to – or in spite of – them. After all, it is difficult to make sense of what we observe without falling back on our preconceived...

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Notes Photo June 1, 2014

Juxtaposition of the Day: A Sporting Look at Brazil's Social Goals

Though the comparison between goal posts on the beaches and in the slums is implicit, the captions downplay the distinction.

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Notes Photo May 30, 2014

Looking at (People Looking at) Andres Serrano’s Homeless Portraits

A powerful effect of the installation, intentional or not, is to pique our curiosity as to how, and how much, people do or don't engage with the imagery.

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Notes Photo May 24, 2014

World Cup Picture of the Week: You Can't Eat Soccer Balls

Do you know what I liked best about this Sao Paolo graffiti art that went viral this week?

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Notes Photo May 3, 2014

Spacious Photos of People Living in Shoeboxes

Spurred by top and bottom incomes rocketing in opposite directions, these eye-catching and, certainly, morally disorienting bird's eye views capture people in Hong Kong's high rises forced to exist in closet-sized spaces.

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Notes Photo April 25, 2014

Gaza Riding Club: The Seduction of Seeing Palestinians Better Off

The potential existence of an elite class in Gaza – as much as America worships wealth and the demonstration of it – makes the Gazans not only look more normative and less like "the other."

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Notes Photo April 14, 2014

Beyond the Photoshopping: Privilege, Poverty and the Washingtonian's Jay Carney Spread

If Jay Carney is the public face of the Obama administration, what his family is doing here -- the Washington area being the richest in the nation -- is demonstrating an obscene degree of plenty.

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Notes Photo February 20, 2014

Stacy Kranitz: The Rape of Appalachia

I find Caudill’s complicated legacy a reminder that there is a lot more to the evolution of a people than the victimhood that has been placed upon them.

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Notes Photo January 26, 2014

Twitter is for Twits. Justin Bieber, Justin Bieber.

Rather then the media universe feasting on this fluff as fluff (or fluff as social media demise), what does it mean that the police force, too, enabled that smiley face?

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Notes Photo December 20, 2013

Reading the Jamie Dimon Holiday Card: Let the Wild Rumpus Re-Start

After settling all civil and criminal charges with the Justice Department last month for $13 billion, it's back to fun and games.

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Notes Photo September 10, 2013

Guns vs. Butter: DC Poor Lose Homes As Syria Debate Drowns Out All

The story of Mr. Coleman and the loss of his home over $134 is a troubling counterpoint to the consuming debate in DC and the press over war with Syria.

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Notes Photo August 27, 2013

Ruddy Roye from Jamaica: The Hardest Time We Have Ever Had To Go Through

Each year whenever I visit my home of Montego Bay, it is difficult to avoid the stark faces of suffering people living in what I can only describe as a stagnant existence. I am both conscious and aware of the slow struggles of some the Jamaican people, especially poor...

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Notes Photo April 11, 2013

Photography and Poverty: Tendency to Infantalize?

I find it a powerful commentary about photography and poverty, suggesting how easily and typically we can infantilize the poor.

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Notes Photo December 11, 2012

How Do You Photograph Homeless for Newswire So People Actually Notice?

Here are three different moves in a photo package from Getty by photographer Brendan Sullivan illustrating: "Homeless Numbers Remain Unchanged From 2011 Despite Increase In Funding."

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Notes Photo December 5, 2012

Doom in America: What The NY Post Subway Death Photo Is Really About

If there's a deeper critique of the photo, it's that the catalyst and real subject of concern is missing.

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Notes Photo October 30, 2012

Did Wire Services, Big Media Overlook Homeless in Sandy Photo Coverage?

One of the most troubling aspects of the Hurricane Sandy disaster in the onset, then onslaught of the storm is how little photo coverage there was of the homeless.

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