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Notes Photo March 16, 2020

White House Flickr Exposes Trump’s Oval Office Coronavirus Speech

While the crisis calls for selflessness, what the photos reveal is an obsession with the camera, and Trump acting the role of first responder.

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Notes Photo March 10, 2020

Drawing on Contagion

This drawing by a young girl in Italy is a poignant illustration of the threat of coronavirus, and also the health of the planet. ⠀

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Chatting the Pictures Video February 8, 2020

Chatting the Pictures: Pelosi Shreds Trump’s SOTU; Coronavirus on the Move; Impeachment Going Away

This week, we look at Pelosi tearing up Trump’s State of the Union speech, the spread of the coronavirus, and the shot summing up Trump’s impeachment trial.

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Notes Photo January 22, 2020

The Trump – Greta Thunberg Photo Crossings

Once again, young Greta Thunberg and Donald Trump find their way into the same international meeting photo. As the climate degenerates, we can expect more.

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Notes Photo November 6, 2019

Memes Against Impeachment: Trump’s Shitposted Truth

With impeachment coming, far-right meme-makers and propagandists are helping to prop Trump up. We analyze PowerTie’s POTUS-retweeted line drawing animation.

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Notes Photo October 27, 2019

The Trump Vs. Obama Situation Room Photos

As soon as the White House announced the death of Bakr al-Baghdadi, the Trump and Obama Situation Room photos became historical twins.

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Notes Photo July 24, 2019

Religious Persecution Survivors on the Oval Stage

We examine the political agenda behind President Trump’s Oval Office meeting with 27 survivors of religious persecution from around the world. 

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Chatting the Pictures Video February 11, 2018

Chatting the Pictures: Trump Cheerleaders; Super Bowl Body; SpaceX Starman

Hey, we’re back with another news photo chat! Watch RTP's Michael Shaw and Cara Finnegan riff for 20 minutes or so about three headline photos.

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Notes Photo January 31, 2018

2018 State of the Union: The Trump Show in Screenshots

In spite of our snark, Dems better watch out because this SOTU demonstrated many of the skills that got Trump elected.

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Notes Photo January 22, 2018

Trump’s Weekend Shutdown Pix: The Medium is the Mess

What is instantly relevant about these White House shutdown photos, in fact, is everything that is missing.

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Notes Photo January 19, 2018

MLK, Immigration & Shutdown: Our Visual Roundup of the Week

In a short week, with Trump a blur of contradiction, most of the news tied back to race and immigration.

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Notes Photo January 15, 2018

On the New Yorker “Shithole” Cover, Among Others

This is probably the most damaging word picture Trump, or any politician, has ever uttered. My quick takes on the illo.

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Notes Photo December 23, 2017

Trump’s Christmas Offensive

Trump spent the whole month on a relentless crusade to remind everyone "Season's Greetings" was somehow sacrilegious. But did anyone care?

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Notes Photo December 11, 2017

Watch Nancy Burson’s Latest GIF Morphing Trump with “Rocket Man”

The GIF and the picture are about Trump's identification with nemeses, and about scaling the Mt. Olympus for autocrats.

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Notes Photo December 3, 2017

Trump Is Disturbed, But We Always Look Past It

He’s been acting even crazier and more deluded, the silence and enabling only amplifying the danger.

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Notes Photo October 27, 2017

Throwing Russian Flags at Trump

Maybe the Trump flag attack would have been more effective six months ago when the Russia story still dominated the news. Otherwise, all it hit was teflon.

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Notes Photo October 23, 2017

Looking at Trump and Kelly at Arlington Cemetery

Why the New York Times published the photo it did of Trump and Kelly visiting the General's son's grave.

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Notes Photo August 24, 2017

Phoenix Jesus: On Scott Mahaskey’s Trump Rally Protest Photo

M. Scott Mahaskey's photo taken outside Trump's rally in Phoenix on Tuesday night is as audacious, and biblical, as the times.

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