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Notes Photo February 8, 2017

Warren’s Rebuke and the DC Alpha Males

Yesterday's events were not about gender. Except for the fact that the actions and images were so testosterone-laced.

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Notes Photo January 27, 2017

Telling Signs: Women’s March vs. March for Life

Do you know how to tell the difference between a more populist protest and one driven by special interest groups?

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Notes Photo November 7, 2016

Election ’16 Was, Is, And Will Continue To Be About Women

After a searing campaign, the issue of recognition and women's expectations makes this an essential frame.

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Notes Photo November 4, 2016

An Uncanny Way of Seeing Donald Trump’s Woman Problem

From an Instagram photo, what an appearance by Melania Trump on the last Friday before the election calls to mind.

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Notes Photo October 14, 2016

A Few Photos for Anyone Asking: How Could Women Still Support Him?

What's hard to fathom is the gap between women who are sickened by Trump and those who can't seem to get enough of him.

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Notes Photo October 12, 2016

Hillary Nothing Without Donald: More Visual Debate Fallout

This debate photo of Hillary mouthless with a look of regard (when all Trump could do was berate her) cuts to the heart of women's negation.

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Notes Photo September 27, 2016

Clinton/Trump I: Debate Pix We Latched On To

With Clinton-Trump I in the debate record book, here's a group of pictures that caught our eye.

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Notes Photo September 26, 2016

Girl Power, Sexism and that Viral Hillary Millennial Selfie Swarm

Where is the passion for Hillary, you ask? It’s there in the photo, plain as day.

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Notes Photo June 22, 2016

Hillary’s Second Grandchild Eclipsed by the Flame War

An ugly election has turned the campaign gift of a grandchild into an afterthought.

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Notes Photo June 10, 2016

The Happy-Go-Lucky Predator: Looking at Brock Turner’s Mugshot(s)

In a dialogue with the facts and that handslap of a sentence, the false Brock Turner mugshot functions like a 1% poster.

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Notes Photo May 18, 2016

The Interview: Donald and Megyn in Bed

With all the hubbub over Megyn Kelly's spineless and incestuous Trump interview, this photo slipped by with little or no comment.

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Notes Photo May 12, 2016

On the Raised-Fist Photo by Black Women Cadets at West Point

The fact is, this photo channels the culture of uprising and black activism just as much as it does unity, pride and sisterhood.

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Notes Photo May 4, 2016

There [Won’t] Be Blood: On the Newsweek Tampon Cover

Here’s the essential product, yes, but apparently even that reminder that most women bleed once a month is sufficiently risky.

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Notes Photo April 3, 2016

Abortion and Breastfeeding: Both Part of the Ordinary Life of Ordinary Women

Reviewing these photographs while feeding my own newborn, I am reminded that reproductive rights are a crucial part of women balancing work and family.

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Notes Photo February 11, 2016

Fashion of the Times: The Chastity Belt

It’s sad that pushback comes more in the form of irony from the Fashion Weeks than from the political debate.

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Notes Photo January 27, 2016

Trump the Playboy

As he proves in this New Hampshire photo, Trump continues to fancy himself the playboy in the more traditional, swine-like sense.

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Notes Photo December 16, 2015

The GOP Debate with the Sound Off

So a year in to the GOP race, what can we glean from last night's Las Vegas show?

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Notes Photo December 14, 2015

A “Fist Pumping” Election Victory for Saudi Women?

This Saudi election photo makes you realize how much the west sees thing through its own eyes.

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