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Uncategorized Photo January 31, 2007

Bush On The Other Hand

What makes the ad so powerful is not just the visual impact, but the perfect blending of rhetorical and somatic metaphor -- hands and hands.  As the cadence builds, you keep waiting for the "other hand."  And when you get it, you don't expect the singular, offsetting comparison...

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Campaign '08 Photo January 30, 2007


So, is Hizonnah running or isn't he?  And, if so, what does the camera have to say about it?

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Campaign '08 Photo

Early Scenes From The Listening Tour

If you look past Hillary's Oprah-style presentation, the interviews with supporters, and the applause scenes, however, you get a more complex picture.  Studying the faces in the audience, what you have are Iowans looking and listening hard, with not a small degree of skepticism.

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Media Focus Photo January 29, 2007

Three People Attend Washington Anti-War Protest

I got an interesting email from a reader yesterday about Saturday's anti-war demonstrations.  He said he was looking around the main news sites for photos of the size of the protests, but mostly all he could find were pics of celebrities.

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Bush Focus Photo January 28, 2007

Your Turn: Bush Through The Clouds

I offer you a "verbal snapshot" of George Bush's seven State of the Union addresses.  (Each of the images above is a thumbnail which you can open, full size, in a new window.  First though, you might try expanding your browser window to get a larger view.  Balancing legibility...

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Media Focus Photo January 27, 2007

Seven Or So Dwarves

I'm not going to back off my campaign against this visual apartheid system enforced by the mainstream media in its coverage of the presidential race.  If this blog has any influence at all -- and from what I understand, more bees throughout the hive are keeping tabs here --...

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Iraq and Afghanistan War Photo January 26, 2007

The Writing Is On The Wall

With the Stateside surge in surge talk, and Mr. Rove's success in embedding that term into the political lexicon (although Central Command lacks the men, resources, local alliances or even the basic foothold to implement anything close to what the strategy implies), some of the pictures -- if you...

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Uncategorized Photo January 25, 2007

Your Turn: I Want My Yglesias TV (… Or Do I?)

Because I do have a category called "Blogging Focus," and because The BAG -- with its unique visual pathway into political commentary -- does not always link enough to, or draw the consistent reciprocal attention of "the big boys" (with some noteworthy exceptions), I thought we might turn our...

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Bush Focus Photo January 24, 2007

SOTU '07 Wrap Up: Jim, Nancy, George, Hillary, Barack, Dennis, Chris, Wesley, Laura and More

Although reaffirming his war commitment, having just laid the groundwork to escalate it, the President contradicts his own message by choosing -- for the first time in years -- not to spotlight an American soldier (or, specifically, the family of a fallen soldier) during the SOTU.

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Campaign '08 Photo January 23, 2007

And Then There Were Two

Given the MSM's quadrennial confiscation of America's electoral process, The BAG offers you the first axiomatic shot of Campaign '08.

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Campaign '08 Photo January 22, 2007

We're In

Although Hilary's PR people, I'm sure, are thrilled with this video, I think Hillary's presentation is fairly stilted.  On the surface, the "living room" concept must seem like the great leap forward, but so did narrating one's every move the day people brought home the first video cameras.  Creativity...

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International Focus Photo January 21, 2007

All In The Family If you've been following The BAG for a while, you'll remember the series I come back to from time to time looking at elections (particularly in the Iraq and the Middle East) through political and election posters.  TIME's fairly new Middle East blog has a nice post about...

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Media Focus Photo January 20, 2007

The Big Lie

I find the cover of the new Atlantic quite important, signifying a new shift (and, deterioration) in the perception of George Bush.

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International Focus Photo January 19, 2007

Condi's Middle East Scrapbook: The January '07 Inserts

Could somebody please tell me what Condi's latest Middle East diplomacy trip show debacle cost the tax payers (if only in dollars)?  It's gracious of the NYT to refer to the Secretary's Middle East strategy in terms of a "loose agenda." Otherwise, they might have tried: non-existent or unintelligible.

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Media Focus Photo January 18, 2007

Take The Quiz, Brothers And Sisters, Take The Quiz!

And today, it's time for a spot quiz.

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Eco Watch Photo January 17, 2007

Same Place, One Year Ago

The BAG's Winter '07 coverage wouldn't be complete without paying visual respects to the season that wasn't. If you've been reading about the globe's warmest December on record, or the fact New York City had its first December without snow since the 1890's, it seems the visual media is just...

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Iraq and Afghanistan War Photo January 16, 2007

Not Enough Wheat

U.S. and Iraqis Are Wrangling Over War Plans Here's the problem when you have an imaginary political solution, in the name of Mr. Bush's "New Way Forward," imposed from the top down.  In Iraq, where NYT report John Burns tries to separate the wheat from the chaff, there...

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Photo January 15, 2007

Bigger Than A String Bean

Like the NYT piece just before, Dana Milbank filtered this photo of Obama on vacation through another swift boat-style argument to convert Aquaman here, into a girlie man.

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