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Spin Focus Photo January 14, 2007

Back To The Post Office

More telling to me, however, is the staging for "The Tear" -- whether Bush's emotion was genuine, or not. In this case, the real question is why Rove didn't wait until the State of the Union Speech to uncork Bush's emotional portrait (that yes, the MSM sucked up like...

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Iraq and Afghanistan War Photo January 13, 2007


Compared to what's going on now, Nixon wandering the halls and babbling at paintings was kid's stuff.

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Iraq and Afghanistan War Photo January 12, 2007

Foreign Relations

The politics are so raw, so unscripted right now, the pictures hardly bear much analysis.

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Your Turn: Bugle Boy

Once again, our trusty stimulus, The Economist, rides to the rescue (if you can take one more post about Bugle Boy).

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Bush Focus Photo January 11, 2007

The Situation In Washington

Such is the state of things that, in the prime moment, Reid and Pelosi seem closer to the Oval Office than the President does.

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Iraq and Afghanistan War Photo January 9, 2007

Striking Oil

Yes, yes.... everybody is awaiting Bush's "Forward Ho" speech on Iraq today.  But the retooling of the Administration in the past week, both at the State Department and in the military, hints at a strategy that is even more wrenching to consider.

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Dems Have Nuclear Arms

It seems Washington and the media (often one in the same) are tremendously threatened by the "outsiders," Tester and Webb.  These supposedly bionic Senators, however -- Tester with the pitchfork, Webb with the nuclear arms and those infamous, somehow blue, Iraqi shit-kicking boots -- are framed as exceedingly dangerous.

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BAGannouncements Photo January 8, 2007

Sandy's Back

This is just a quick note to tell you that the Koufax Award nominations are now.  If you were into The BAG last year, you'll remember the excitement around here when this site was awarded Best Post for the entry featuring Alan Chin's profound post-Katrina photographs....  I urge you...

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The Phrases Change, But The Game Remains The Same

From now on, if you see Khalilzad in any significant political photograph, silently add the caption: "Have I got a plan for you!"

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Iraq and Afghanistan War Photo January 7, 2007

Staring Us In The Face

Lastly, what I think this cover is really getting at, but the media is simply too terrified to explore, is the anger and skepticism of a manipulated military.

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Photo January 6, 2007

Looking More Rosie Today

Ellison post In carefully reading through the excellent discussion thread on yesterday's post, think there are excellent points....  Still, my choice of image was probably not the best since, as many readers pointed it, it was clearly her intention to make children a theme of her first day. ...

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Photo January 5, 2007

Opening Shots

I believe much of the MSM, including the NYT, has a visual vendetta against Nancy Pelosi.

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Culture Focus Photo January 3, 2007

Your Turn: Man At His Best

I'm interested in your reaction to the way Esquire editors place so much emphasis on the Iraq veteran's replacement arm.  I guess, being a publication dedicated to machismo, the utility of that limb (or, reading the article, you might say, the "sport utility" of it) is critical.

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Campaign '08 Photo

Hold It Right There

It's hard to take this picture very seriously when The Times turns the article headline ("Jeb Bush Ponders Future, Not Knowing What It Holds") into a metaphorical joke.  I guess the point is that Jeb is not going very far if what his future holds are associations to that...

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Photo January 2, 2007

Pretty Flowers

It's fascinating just how much the gritty, lynch party cameraphone version of Saddam's death has changed the original perception of his demise.

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Photo January 1, 2007

Victory Pictures

Maybe it's the protective suit making the knelling man look like a creature from another world.  Maybe it's just the fact the photo so intentionally highlights the problem.

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