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Bush Focus Photo July 31, 2007

Hint, Hint: "W" Still Relevant

Hint, Hint: "W" Still Relevant.  (Bush and Gordon Brown meet for first time at Yellowstone Park.  Oops, I mean, Camp David.

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Iraq and Afghanistan War Photo July 30, 2007

Scenes Of Victory In Iraqi

The images of Iraqi celebration following their soccer team’s Asian Cup success look suspiciously similar to the photos following the ‘toppling’ of Saddam’s statue in 2003 - the euphoria concealing the substance of a misguided war and occupation.  The problem, as usual, is that the effort is all circus...

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Scandal Focus Photo July 28, 2007

By Tint Of Unraveling

I imagine there have been plenty of opportunities to capture Rove in a similar hue. If so, why is this aglow now?

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Faith Focus Photo July 27, 2007

Your Turn: Girls Will Be Girls

Nothing against oil and camels, but this Anita Kunz New Yorker cover seems to have a bit more bite than the last one we pulled apart.

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Bush Focus Photo July 26, 2007

"W" On His Own Two Feet

The President seems to be looking for just about anything these days to prop himself up.

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Bush Focus Photo July 25, 2007

Control Tower To Bush: Time To Save Our "A"

Check out the military hardware in the White House photo-op at the Charleston Air Force Base on Tuesday as compared with the TIME cover that hit the newsstand at almost the same time.

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Business Focus Photo July 24, 2007

Connecting The Dots On Murdoch

In an update on Rupert Murdoch's stalking of the Wall Street Journal (... you have seen the Moyers video, right?), the Times brilliantly serves up Koala Kong by way of the Journal's signature HeadCut portrait illustration technique.

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Campaign '08 Photo July 23, 2007

You Tube "Debate": For A Moment, Forced To Look Up

With the chance to witness the Democratic candidates literally looking up to, and listening to everyday Americans -- that connection fueling a good deal of emotion and spontaneity within the group -- it would be hard to call it a bad night.

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Our Iraqi Employees In A Snapshot

If you never came across George Packer's article in the New Yorker back in March (Betrayed: The Iraqis who trusted America the most), it's a must read.  The piece chronicles the tortuous fate of various Iraqi nationals who gave, then lost everything for their duty inside the Green Zone. ...

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Bush Focus Photo July 22, 2007

Bush: Like Watching Traffic

In the clip I captured, thankfully without sound, you first see a technician memorializing himself in this Bush hail mary.  Even better, however, is the view of the start-stop-and start-again Washington traffic out of the window. 

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Campaign '08 Photo July 21, 2007

Obama's Bake Sale Strategy (So-Called)

Having raised a large bulk of funds from small donations, there is no reason the Obama campaign shouldn't feel good about it, and claim credit for grass roots popularity.  But the Times -- in the same way it consistently doubts John Edwards' concern for poverty -- somehow feels the...

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Bush Focus Photo July 20, 2007

There To Be Seen

This picture was taken at Ft. Benning, Georgia on January 11th, the day after President Bush announced his plan for the “surge” and while meeting with military personnel and their families.  The striking visual argument stands in stark contrast to the president’s mantra that “I didn’t want to be...

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Disaster Focus Photo July 19, 2007

New York, Wednesday Afternoon

After yesterday, it seems that New York has its own visual genus for physical cataclysm.  Not that In a city that takes nothing for granted anymore, the first It was strange being in New York yesterday, where I'm spending the last month of my sabbatical year.  On a day...

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Uncategorized Photo July 18, 2007

Cots Of War

It's almost 9 AM in New York and I just flipped on C-SPAN 2's coverage of the Iraq debate.  I keep wondering if Lindsey Graham -- who is struggling to keep his eyes open -- will actually keel over from exhaustion in the middle of his speech.  So much...

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Campaign '08 Photo July 17, 2007

John Has A Dream

With John Edwards in New Orleans for an extended trip, the NYT hits him pretty hard.

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Iraq and Afghanistan War Photo July 16, 2007

Iraq Withdrawal Looks Like Sure Road To Ruin

Has the employment of heavy-handed photos recently enhanced White House scare tactics about a post-occupation Iraq?  ...And, as a parallel issue, how valid is the automatic assumption that a U.S. presence is keeping Iraq "more stable," and that withdrawal would necessarily make things (even) worse?

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Business Focus Photo July 15, 2007


people have almost a religious reverence for Apple products.  For example, just search on Apple unboxing and see how many people document the unveiling of the particular item.  Office Space -- scene at the end.  In general, people are so sick of technology that they willfully enjoy the act...

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Media Focus Photo July 14, 2007

But He Played One On TV

I was waiting for the first good visual exposition of the White House briefing room turned broadcast stage.

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