April 28, 2010

Easy as Pie?

It’s just straight-ahead, retail politics between now and the mid-terms. So, there’s nothing fancy here — just Obama in Iowa, back where it started, dropping in at Mt. Pleasant’s Jerry’s Pizza for an unannounced visit on his, yep, “White House to Main Street” tour.

And no, it’s rhubarb, not apple — maybe, so as not to seem too obvious.


The scene offers a stark, and not-accidental contrast with the Wall Street hearings today as well as the new DNC video featuring this “money shot” of Romney, the former leveraged buyout exec doing his all to defend the (other) street.

Update: As called out in the comments, the photo of Obama actually seems less than flattering. Apparently, the visual media is somewhat ambivalent right now in playing along with the staging.

Pablo Martinez Monsivais/AP

Notice, for example, how AP offers up this photo of WH photographer Pete Souza, in the right corner,  looking for a money shot in the pizza joint.

Also, notice how this AP shot (which the WSJ ran yesterday) exposes the supposed intimacy of Obama walking with this farmer, in contrast to this kind of view.

Stay tuned.

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