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Photo October 23, 2010

The "O’Donnell Zone"

Chris Coons for Senate No way was I willing to believe Christine, but now that Chris Coons, her (non-warlock) Democratic Senate opponent has confirmed it, I believe it. I believe it.  Just wish I could tell what that braniac mouse was reading. (…But then, maybe it’s not a mouse,...

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John Moore’s Detention Photos: We Just Lost

Love the war or hate the war, drawing us into the body of that soldier and then having us consider that image through his eyes is just crushing.

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Iraq and Afghanistan War Photo October 22, 2010

How to Read a War Carpet

Here's how you read the war carpet in its original form....

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Campaign '10 Photo October 21, 2010

Just Telling You Up Front, This Attack Ad Is NOT About Barney Frank Being Homosexual

Looking at this picture, are you telling me this soon-to-be-launched web ad attacking Barney Frank has nothing to do with Rep. Frank being gay?

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Campaign '10 Photo

Fringe Attacks Coming Back to Haunt the Right?

If these people are so radical about their pro-life stance that they would let a mother die before sacrificing a fetus, or they would force a woman to bear a child conceived out of rape or incest, then this imagery is mostly a projection of their own blind...

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Culture Focus Photo October 19, 2010

Your Turn: White County Tea Party

I'm wondering how much the name of the Cosgray family's beloved County contributed to the smiles.

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Campaign '10 Photo October 18, 2010

Bad Angle. (Or: If They Did Look Asian, Who Would Even Know?)

The next-most-egregious thing about Sharron Angle's appearance before the Hispanic Student Union at Rancho High School of Friday? Beyond the racism is how much Angle, along with her other unqualified Tea Party brothers and sisters -- have been able to operate largely clear of media scrutiny.

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Afghanistan Coverage: I Think We Can Do Better

Today the New York Times reported on a “critical assault” against the Taliban in Afghanistan.  There were no photographs in the print edition, and the web version featured only the US commander.  I think we can do better. This photograph was taken recently in Kandahar, although not during the...

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Campaign '10 Photo

Tea Party's Enforcement Arm

What is compelling about the picture is how much it fits with the far-right inclination, laced through its hostile rhetoric, to "take the law" into its own hands.

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BagNewsSalon Slideshow Interviews Photo October 17, 2010

Mike Kamber: Military Censorship — (Update: Winner of POYi Award of Excellence)

Reading the Pictures is pleased to offer this exclusive audio slideshow featuring an interview with Michael Kamber, contract war photographer for the New York Times, and a focused look at the issue of military censorship, including photos he's insisted on being seen.

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Photo October 16, 2010

Beyond Left and Right

Gallo/Getty Images The thrust of this photo illustrating an  al-Jazeera mid-term election primer? 1. Although the Tea Party (see: Betsy Ross flag and angry middle class white guy) has banked more than its share of credit for focusing voter frustration,  the anger is widespread (especially with all the stealth...

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Jeremy Lange's "War At Home": Individual Wars

Jeremy Lange's fourth post from the War At Home: The individual experiences of war.

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President Obama Photo October 15, 2010

White House Flickr: Wattage You Say?

What with Obama turning on the juice to turn out the mid-term vote, campaign narrative or not, it looks like his team is looking for every and any bit of wattage right now.

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Visual Week in Review: Milking a Gold Mine

In visual politics this week, the White House was already putting on a new face, mid-term candidates were looking ready and rough, the big rescue in Chile represented its own gold mine and Condi Rice resurfaced as the picture of innocence.

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Campaign '10 Photo October 14, 2010

Your Turn: McMahon, Gender Politics (and More?)

Is the Times culpable for focusing strictly on gender politics with a photo shot in a Spanish supermarket?

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Disaster Focus Photo October 13, 2010

Chile Rescue: Crowning Achievement

What makes the photos of the Chilean mine rescue so visceral and primal is how much the rescue capsule evokes the emergence of life through the birth canal.

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Bart, Banksy, the Cultural Industrial Complex

Why is it that cartoonists, artists, and comedians are offering more insightful commentary on the American life than cable and network news? Or is Banksy’s self-parodying Simpsons opening more a comment on the American psyche? Your turn…..

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Karen Hull Photo

Hostage Crisis?

Maybe it was Paladino's nervous mannerisms, his reference to "brainwashing," the hovering religious fundamentalists, or his frequent inability to look up from the "script" handed him, but "captive" was a word that came to mind while watching the Paladino speech at Karlsburg Rabbinical College in Brooklyn Sunday.

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