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Campaign '10 Photo October 13, 2010

¡Viva, Meg!

This wire photo, which was shot last week at a Hispanic awards gala, is both surprising and funny to the extent it plays on a sense of elitism, gorging and laying it down for the white man.

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Bush Focus Photo October 12, 2010

Condi: I'm Innocent

Piggybacking on Obama's racial breakthrough, we see Rice reformulating herself as a valiant narrator of the African-American experience and a witness to the civil rights movement while growing up in the South.

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Photo October 11, 2010

Campaign ’10: Calling Diane Arbus

What photographer Peter Van Agtmael does in this one photo, and I can't thank him enough for it, is to dare expose this mid-term election for what it is, which is a freak show.

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Campaign '08 Photo October 10, 2010


When you think West Virginia, you think hicks, right?

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Campaign '10 Photo October 8, 2010

And the Tea Party's Been Calling Obama a Nazi!

Barely having had time to stash Christine's broomstick, the GOP has now got another Tea Party skeleton to bury somehow.

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Photo October 7, 2010

Hillary for Biden: A Done Deal

So they've talked out the Hillary-for-Biden 2010 swap and Joe's fine with it.

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Barking at Seals

Keep an eye out right now for an "Obama as hapless" meme. Media -- and the GOP, or course -- are always looking for any suggestion of weakness.

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Campaign '10 Photo October 6, 2010

Rove’s GPS Locates Rich White Man Lobby

As Rove visually exploits the street corner's truly unfortunate, I'm somehow having trouble nailing down his conclusion here.

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Media Focus Photo

Lean Forward

Rachel, the flagship.

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Campaign '10 Photo October 5, 2010


The men are gonna smile at the spunk, and enjoy the, yes, bewitching intimacy, while women are gonna think: yeah, who hasn't done/tried/said some outrageous things before?

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Iraq and Afghanistan War Photo October 4, 2010

Got a Tired Occupation on Your Hands? Feminize It.

In the end, female marines with guns are, well, simply marines with the guns.

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Campaign '10 Photo

Making Up Christine

In Christine's case, the hands-on speaks to how much some candidates are pure invention.

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Campaign '10 Photo October 3, 2010

Kentucky Senate: Looking Right for the Job

From the ties and lapel pin, not to mention the jaw line, the body language and the size, I'm guessing the Republican is...

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Campaign '10 Photo October 2, 2010

NRA "Trigger the Vote" Video — Think: Tim McVeigh Meets Bambi

I can see the development meeting now: "Hey, let's turn a room full of far-right fringe radicals dressed like inmates from the penitentiary into hippy throwbacks from the encounter movement!

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Culture Focus Photo October 1, 2010

The Impossible Dream

This was not just a stunt pulled off by students that had nothing better to do with their Sunday afternoon; rather, it was a concerted effort borne of the recognition that they had no legitimate, recognized voice in a policy debate that directly implicated their future.

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Goolsbee's White Board and the GOP's Big Red Eggs

Goolsbee's White House White Board tax cut presentation represents a major breakthrough for Democratic framing (even if it makes most thinking Democrats cringe). Here's what is going for it...

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