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Campaign '12 Photo January 31, 2012

The Light You See at the End of the Tunnel is the Headlamp of a Fast Approaching Train

It doesn't feel like a coincidence that these admiring photos are showing up just as Romney appears to be sealing the deal.

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An Extra Point on New Yorker Obama Campaign '12 Super Bowl Cover

Pleasure watching Romney and Newt pummel each other? Sure. But the real take away is deeper than that.

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Campaign '12 Photo

A Unique Angle on the Gingrich Follicles As They Slowly Slip Away – Photo by Jason Andrew

More specifically, the photo offers a wonderful depiction of the campaign's central operating unit, a view of Callista's summit that not only trumps, but transcends "the famous swoop."

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Campaign '12 Photo January 30, 2012

Covert Veep Campaign in Full Swing (With Fundamentalist Twist)

With Florida looking like a blowout, attention, and lenses, turn to best supporting roles.

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Big Media: "Terrorist" Occupy Movement Sets Fire to America!

Big media looks to do-in Occupy? Flag burning photo as extreme prejudice.

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Campaign '12 Photo January 29, 2012

Obama/Florida Watch: Two Bushes in the Hand

1. Nothing like Obama exploiting some face time with the uncommitted Jeb Bush in the closing days of the Florida GOP primary.

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Campaign '12 Photo January 28, 2012

BagNewsSalon Preview: Can Mitt Hold a Photograph?

Here, it seems as if Team Romney had its prayers answered after an urgent call to central casting.

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Campaign '12 Photo January 27, 2012

Populist Rage: The Rejected Bloodied Romney Biz Week Cover

Bottom line, I can't see this illustration coming to be simply based on the GOP candidate's shoving each other around. What it seems to express quite well, however, is the pent up rage out there directed toward Wall Streeet and the 1%.

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President Obama Photo January 26, 2012

Romney's Obama Dog Whistle?

Isn’t working.... Food stamp president…. Seems they may be stringing that stuff together with an ulterior motive.

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Brewer-Obama: Letter Rip

Newt can characterize it as Obama "lecturing her" again, but you could just as well call it an ambush.

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John Lucaites Photo January 25, 2012

Perhaps It’s a Wonder Vet Suicide Rate as Low as It Is

Brian Scott Ostrom, an honorably discharged Marine veteran served two tours of duty in Iraq. Ostrom did not commit suicide, but as the fresh stitches that mark his wrist indicate, he made a serious attempt at doing so. In fact, it was his second attempt. The...

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Somalia Rescue and SOTU '12: If You Can't Get It Into the Speech On Time…

He may not have been able to mention the rescue in front of Congress during the SOTU, but...

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State of the Union '12: Our Top 5 Pics of the Night

The fact Obama was surprising smiley and positive last night left the GOP looking like naysayers and undertakers.

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BAGannouncements Photo January 24, 2012

BagNews Salon Preview: What makes Win McNamee’s Newt/Callista Candy Store Photo as Sweet as it is? 

We'll be discussing this photo as part of Sunday's BagNews "Campaign Mania" Salon with an expert cast of photographers, visual academics and political analysts. Hope you'll join us!

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Iraq and Afghanistan War Photo January 23, 2012

U.S. Air Power in Afghanistan: From Ineffective to Disastrous — but Kinder, Gentler, and a Different Kind of Sexy

Despite our counterproductive air war, media embedding continues to pay off for the Pentagon in sympathetic coverage and cool pictures -- muscular and otherwise.

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Culture Focus Photo January 22, 2012

Gabby Giffords Steps Down… Then Up

Given the format, the music, the length, it's almost indistinguishable from a campaign video.

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Campaign '12 Photo January 21, 2012

Newtonian Physics

I mean, Newt's a friend, I love him, but at times you just got to -- you know, sort of that, you know, worrisome moment that something's going to pop.

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Campaign '12 Photo January 20, 2012

S. Carolina Final: Raising Cain

Funny thing is, Cain is so narcissistic he's actually beyond getting played by Colbert.

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